FNC Entertainment Heavily Criticized For Their Way Of Handling AOA And Jimin’s Withdrawal From The Group


The result of now former AOA’s Jimin and Mina did not end well as FNC Entertainment confirmed Jimin’s withdrawal from the group and the industry. FNC has been receiving heavy criticism for the way they handled the situation, proving the status of their company.

Former member Mina posted messages through her Instagram revealing that she had suffered mentally because of Jimin and that she even had extreme thoughts because of this.

After Mina’s initial post, Jimin posted a short one-word response through her Instagram, causing Mina to share more posts with details about what happened to her. FNC did not post any announcements about this during this time. What we do know from Mina’s posts is that the two met up in the early hours of July 4 KST and did receive an apology from Jimin.

However, the apology she received did not feel genuine to Mina as she explained their meeting in detail. She felt that the apology was forced and Jimin later posted a standard apology message on her Instagram afterwards. After seeing the post, Mina continued to reveal details about Jimin even revealing Jimin’s sexual history at their dorm.

With all these messages going back and forth several days, FNC stayed quiet. They suddenly released a surprise announcement in the middle of the night stating that Jimin had withdrawn from the group and the industry.

The company received criticism as netizens wondered if they really did not know about the unsteady relationships among the members all this time. They also stayed quiet throughout the whole situation and watched it only get bigger, using Jimin’s withdrawal as a way to end the situation altogether.

However, Mina even posted in one of her messages that she explained her situation and yet the company did not take any action.

I told FNC that it was because of Jimin, and yet the company did not listen to what I had to say.

-Mina’s Instagram post

Many feel that this is an example of how insufficient the system and quality of the agency is to their artists. Fans hope that FNC will release a better apology regarding this matter. Their way of trying to get the easy way out of this situation is not working in their favor. It also seems that fans and the public have already known the status and image of the company. The company is also facing criticism as a past interview from member Chanmi’s mother resurfaces.

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