Former AOA Member Jimin’s YouTube Channel Becomes Most Unsubscribed In Korea After Bullying Controversy


It’s been just over a week since former AOA member Mina made the shocking confession that the group’s leader, Jimin, had bullied her to the point of suicide attempts. Jimin has since apologized to Mina and announced her retirement from the entertainment industry, but that hasn’t been enough to placate her former fans. In fact, over the past week, Jimin’s YouTube channel has become the most unsubscribed in the country.

To show their disdain for Jimin’s actions, those who were previously fans of the rapper are distancing themselves from her social presence. In the week of July 3 to July 10, Boss Baby Jiminem lost a staggering 5,000 subscribers—12.8% of the channel’s following.

According to data from YouTube analysis platform Influencer, Jimin’s YouTube channel had the highest percentage of subscriber loss across all Korean YouTube channels.

On top of unsubscribing, YouTube users have also been seen disliking Jimin’s videos and leaving “hate comments”. Her latest video, uploaded on July 1, currently has 27,000 dislikes and just 1,700 likes as of today (July 11).

Many of the angry comments have more likes than the video itself. Some of the top responses include “Jessi was right to diss you, you are a heartless person” (with 1,800 likes) and “leaders don’t bully their members, I’m truly disgusted” (with 3,500 likes).

Jimin started the YouTube channel just a few months ago and her popularity on the platform had been rising steadily. Now, however, less than 30,000 of her subscribers remain.

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