Former AOA Member Mina’s Update On Jimin’s Apology Sparks An Intense Discussion About “Gaslighting”


On July 3, 2020, former AOA member Mina shared on her Instagram account what she called a “final update“…

Former AOA’s Mina

… after a series of posts exposing her former teammate Jimin‘s decade of bullying. These posts soon took over the internet — and eventually led to all AOA members and managers showing up at Mina’s door “to apologize”.

AOA’s Jimin

Shortly after Mina shared what happened during this visit, however…

A couple hours ago, all the members and managers showed up at my door. We sat down and talked. At first, I was really flustered because Jimin came upset. I asked her if she came to apologize or to get mad at me. We argued some more…

— Mina

… Korean netizens found themselves in a heated discussion over the genuineness of the apology offered by Jimin. This particular part in Mina’s retelling of the members’ visit where Jimin reacted to all the past instances of bullying sparked the most frustration…

Jimin kept asking for a knife, saying things like “Would everything be resolved if I disappeared?” and so on. But we ended up sitting down and talking. She kept telling me that she doesn’t remember.

— Mina

… with many accusing Jimin of “gaslighting” Mina.

  • “Why does the victim of your actions have to accept and understand that you don’t remember what you did? Even if you don’t remember, if you’re accused of having hurt someone this badly, shouldn’t ‘reflecting’ be the first thing to do? I can’t believe you had the nerve to visit Mina and threaten to kill yourself if she doesn’t accept your apology. You’re the worst.”
  • “Opting for the gaslighting route, I see. Jimin is the one who did wrong. But by making it look like Mina is pushing her to the extreme, Jimin is putting the blame back on Mina. Jimin probably doesn’t even know what she’s doing. But gaslighting is another form of abuse. Stop trying to force Mina to share your responsibility for your actions, Jimin.”
  • “This is the worst apology I’ve ever heard. Mina has scars on her wrist from surviving your harassment, Jimin. How dare you talk about knives and self-harm in front of her! It gives me chills down my spine to think what Mina must have been through. You better not keep pursuing your career in this industry. There is no room for bullies.”

Netizens believed Jimin’s and her agency’s unresponsiveness to the entire controversy only adds fuel to the growing frustration.

Fortunately, amidst the chaos, Mina’s agency Woori Actors verified in an official statement that Mina is in close care by her loved ones.

Woori Actors’s actress Kwon Mina is currently spending time with her friends at her own home. We apologize for the controversy and also appreciate your love and support through this time. We are aware of the growing concerns, but we would like to confirm that she is under care. We will be releasing a more thorough statement, as soon as it is ready. Again, thank you for rooting for actress Kwon Mina.

— Woori Actors

K-Pop fans continue to send words of encouragement to Mina.

Source: THEQOO (1) and (2)

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