Former AOA Member Youkyung Apologizes For Ambiguous Post Targeted At Mina


In light of the recent online dispute between former AOA members, Mina and Jimin that began with Mina’s accusation that Jimin bullied her to the point of making her attempt to take her own life, another fellow member, Youkyung posted an ambiguous message that caused for many to believe that she was a victim as well.

In an Instagram post, Youkyung expressed,

To be honest, back then, you all looked the same to me.

– Youkyung

When Youkyung shared the post, many wondered if she was accusing Mina of not being so different from Jimin.

And in light of the controversy that followed, Youkyung clarified her intention behind the ambiguous post.

The translated post reads as follows:

Hello, this is Youkyung.

I feel like I’ve caused great confusion with the ambiguous post I uploaded on my feed, so I’m here to clarify.

I apolgize for the ambiguous post. The memories that I tried so hard to forget over the years came back to the surface, and that made me very angry.

So I think I acted out of my childish wish to timidly express for the first and last time that I suffered as well.

In the past, I had a hard enough time with my own hardships that I didn’t have the leisure to worry about others. So I thought they were just watching me suffer. I guess I never imagined that someone else was in the same position as me. So I want to sincerely apologize. I also want to tell her that she did a good job enduring it, and cheer her on.

I’m okay now. There are voices who are constantly cheering me on. Until now, I didn’t have anything looking out for me, and I felt as though the drumset in my studio was the only thing that I had.

But that wasn’t true. I realized many precious people love me. That’s all I need. That’s enough.

I want to apologize once again to those who were hurt by my short and impulsive action. And I want to cheer everyone on for enduring the hard times and tell them to cheer up and have courage.

Please refrain from saying things that hurt me and the others. And thank you to those who continue to cheer me on.

– Youkyung

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