GFRIEND Drops More Teasers For Nearing “回 Song Of The Sirens” Comeback


GFRIEND excites fans with various teasers as they gear up for their July comeback.

GFRIEND parades more teasers as the release of their new mini-album 回 Song of the Sirens gets closer. The group unveiled concept photos, tracklist and highlight medley for the exciting album.

Comeback Timeline So Far

On July 4, Source Music dropped the third concept photo which is “Apple”. The teasers consisted of individual and pair member photos as well as the group shots.

Check the teaser photos below:

On July 6, GFRIEND also revealed the official tracklist of their album 回 Song of the Sirens. The new album will feature six tracks with “Apple” as its title track.

Members Eunha and Yuju were credited as two of “Apple”‘s contributors. Additionally, members Yuju and Umji participated in producing the track “Snow Time” (literal translation).

Moreover, members Eunha, Yuju, and Umji took part in producing the track “Tarot Cards”.

Bringing the six tracks to life, GFRIEND shared a dazzling highlight medley on July 8. The two-minute clip previewed the rich roster of new music they have in store for their comeback.

Photos and video from: Source Music

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