GFRIEND’s Fans Buddies Are Captivated By Their Gorgeous “Apple” MV: Here Are Some Of The Best Reaction Tweets


GFRIEND’s transformation in their music video for “Apple” has absolutely mesmerized fans!

On July 13, GFRIEND returned with their mini album “回: Song of the Sirens” and a music video for the title track “Apple.”

GFRIEND’s fans Buddies expressed their excitement and celebrated their comeback on July 13 by trending topics on Twitter worldwide, including #GFRIEND_APPLEMV reaching No. 1.

All of the members totally shine in the MV, and fans have shown that in their tweets.

From the song to the choreo to those high notes, there’s so much to love about “Apple”!

And kudos to the stylists for these amazing looks.

GFRIEND is looking so beautiful in all these stunning shots!

And we can’t not mention that legendary glow up.

Of course, Buddies are also being hilarious on Twitter.

Overall, the MV’s amazed everyone. But one question remains: What do the horns mean?!

What do you think of “Apple”?

How does this article make you feel?

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