(G)I-DLE Soyeon’s Younger Sister Is Just As Crazy Talented And Creative As Her Sister But In A More Delicious Way


(G)I-DLE‘s Soyeon is famous as the creative producer of the group as she helped produce and create many aspects of the successful group, starting from their music, their logo, to their concepts!

But it appears her creative genes were also passed onto her younger sister, Sohee!

Soyeon may be creative in her music but Sohee is creative in her baking! Sohee’s Instagram is full of incredible artworks that she’s created through her love of baking!

She creates adorable edible treats that look exactly famous characters!

But her most prized creations? Her (G)I-DLE inspired treats! She baked cakes that have Soyeon’s beautiful styles showcased in vibrant colors…

… as well as adorable treats of the members with their signature event at the ISACs!

She even created one of Soyeon’s famous drawings come to life as cookies made solely for the members!

Sohee has been honing her baking skills since she was just a young girl, and her photos prove that she was born with a natural gift!

She made his beautiful cake when she was just in middle school!

Not only is Sohee good at making edible dessert, she’s mastered the art of baking bread, cafe art, and even calligraphy!

Sohee’s Instagram may show how her baking preferences have changed in the past but one thing always remains the same… she’s a hardcore fan and supporter for her older sister, Soyeon!

Can these talented queens share some of their creative genes for us lowly peasants?!

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