Here Are 14 Common Rumors In The K-Pop Industry That Aren’t Actually True


Rumors run rampant in the K-Pop music industry, and oftentimes fans can get caught up in such scandals without any evident proof. Some of the rumors are silly and not very scandalous, but others can be detrimental to an idol or group’s career, and should be taken more seriously and researched more to make sure they’re true! Here are 14 rumors that are commonly discussed among fans that aren’t actually true, according to fans on Reddit themselves.

1. Rumor: BLACKPINK’s Jisoo joined YG Entertainment to be an actress

Source: u/SkillpTm

Truth: She auditioned as a trainee for the company and only became an actress after she joined. She’s always loved singing, and was encouraged by her family to audition to be an idol!

2. Rumor: GFRIEND’s infamous “Falling Fancam” while performing “Me Gustas Tu” is what got them “discovered”

Source: u/You_Will_Die

Truth: While the video of the girls falling multiple times on the rain-slicked stage certainly went viral, their debut song “Glass Bead” had already been well-received and made it to the #25 spot on Gaon‘s weekly chart and #43 on their monthly one. “Me Gustas Tu”, the song they performed on the wet stage, had already been charting well, too.

3. Rumor: BTS’s V and J-Hope were originally supposed to have switched roles in the group

Source: u/Sovereign-Over-All

Truth: Can you imagine J-Hope as a vocalist and V as a rapper as their main positions in BTS? The only support for this theory is that J-Hope is able to sing and V loves rapping, however, BTS themselves have never spoken about this so it’s likely just a randomly started rumor.

4. Rumor: J.Y. Park himself rejected IU from joining JYP Entertainment

Source: u/dancingtwilight

Truth: He was never actually at IU’s audition, and it was representatives of the company that kept her from joining the company which led to her instead joining LOEN Entertainment. He has spoken up about being regretful that the reps didn’t accept her, for obvious reasons!

5. Rumor: Johnny spend 9-10 whole years training at SM Entertainment before debuting in NCT

Source: u/PumpkinSpiceBiscotti

Truth: During half of these years, he only trained part-time at the company during summers and spent the rest of his time at home in Chicago going to school. He only started training full-time once he graduated from high school. Still, it is a long time!

6. Rumor: GFRIEND’s Eunha used to be a BigHit Entertainment trainee

Source: u/You_Will_Die

Truth: She was a trainee with LOEN Entertainment before she left the company to study. SinB was, however, once a BigHit Entertainment trainee, and the confusion comes from the two female idols being in the same dance team when they were younger. Though, ironically, BigHit Entertainment did recently acquire GFRIEND’s company, Source Music Entertainment!

7. Rumor: f(x) was a flop commercially

Source: u/BeenWavy07

Truth: They actually did quite well in the industry, and it was just compared to their labelmates Girls’ Generation, who was the biggest girl group in Korea during their most successful years, that made f(x) seem not so popular in comparison. Their musical sound was more experimental and different to Girls’ Generation’s and typical girl group K-Pop, so their audience was different!

8. Rumor: D.O hates being an idol and doesn’t get along with fellow EXO members

Source: u/San7129

Truth: While there are some aspects and expectations of being an idol that he’s been vocal about not being comfortable with, such as fan service, he absolutely loves singing and performing, and there’s much stronger evidence that he gets along well with and enjoys being around his fellow EXO members! Just because he’s not as expressive and outgoing as some of the other members doesn’t mean he hates his job.

9. Rumor: A pregnancy scandal was why Hyuna left Wonder Girls

Source: u/neptuneiums

Truth: The rumor even included in some versions that Jay Park had a part in it while he was still in 2PM! In truth, Hyuna was taken out of Wonder Girls by her parents due to complications with eosinophilic gastroenteritis, so that she could get proper treatment for it. She still deals with the illness, but is able to medicate herself and keep it under control.

10. Rumor: J-Hope was a trainee for JYP Entertainment but got rejected and then joined BigHit Entertainment

Source: u/elfseok

Truth: While J-Hope did take part in some audition opportunities at JYP Entertainment and was even given the “popularity award” along with 3 other auditionees and had the opportunity to have a 1 year scholarship at the Seoul Fine Arts and Music School, he declined the scholarship and wasn’t offered a contract to join JYP Entertainment. He was, however, offered a contract by a much smaller and newer company (BigHit Entertainment!) and the rest is history.

11. Rumor: That using the words “stream” and “views” in YouTube comments will make the view count freeze

Source: u/Faintning

Truth: This just simply isn’t true. While view counts do freeze on videos sometimes due to making sure the views are validated, the words used in comments has nothing to do with it.

12. Rumor: OH MY GIRL’s popularity didn’t blow up until they were on Queendom

Source: u/naemaeumwiro

Truth: OH MY GIRL’s fanbase has been growing at a slow and steady pace over the years, and while no comeback in particular made them explode in popularity, they are far from being a flop group. They just have a certain niche in K-Pop that appeals to certain audiences.

13. Rumor: Jessica was going to be in Girls’ Generation-TTS, but ended up not because of conflicts with Taeyeon

Source: u/ketchupsunshine

Truth: While there are rumors that Taeyeon and Jessica weren’t the best of friends that might be true, the reality is that Jessica was in a drama when TTS was created and therefore didn’t have time to be in the sub-unit.

14. Rumor: The “Bunny Member” of Pink Fantasy will take off their mask if the group gets #1 on Billboard or wins their first music show

Source: u/tikitakas

Truth: The “Bunny Member”‘s name is Daewang, and she has simply said that she’ll take off the mask when she’s ready for it! The rumor was simply a joke that she made.

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