Here Are 15 Of The Strangest Pieces Of K-Pop Merch You Can Buy


K-Pop artists and companies can get pretty creative with the kind of merchandise that they come out with. From clothing and accessories to stationary and calendars and pretty much anything else you can think of, there are a lot of different things to choose from! Some artists, however, go above and beyond with what they create, and some of the pieces of merch can leave fans scratching their heads in confusion or bewilderment. Here are 15 of the strangest pieces of K-Pop merchandise that are (or have been) available to purchase.

1. These Red Velvet fish sticks

Because when you think about Red Velvet, you think of fish sticks… Right? How random is this??

2. This EXO brand ramen

Okay but in all honesty, doesn’t this look like it would taste amazing?

3. This TWICE Tzuyu trash can

This seems extremely random, but at least Tzuyu is helping her fans keep their living spaces clean!

4. This TWICE Jeongyeon clothes hanger

Who wouldn’t want a life-size bust of Jeongyeon in their closet to hang their clothes on?

5. This “epic” Epik High calendar

A calendar in itself isn’t that strange, but the theme that Epik High went with for this one is quite hilarious.

6. This LOONA cape

This might be kind of odd, but it totally has a magical girl feeling to it, doesn’t it? It’s pretty cute!

7. These SHINee matchsticks

Because nothing expresses a Shawol’s burning love for SHINee like a box of matchsticks to set on fire.

8. This Super Junior brand of ramen

Like the EXO brand of ramen, this actually looks like it would be delicious!

9. This cookware designed by TWICE’s Mina

Mina is just encouraging her fans to learn how to cook, right? This actually looks like a really nice pot to use!

10. This “EXO-flavored” milk

Apparently it’s just the glass that’s sold, and not the milk itself… But still, it’s a bit odd, isn’t it?

11. This BLACKPINK Monopoly game

This is less odd than just pretty dang cool! How many more people would play Monopoly if it was based on their favorite K-Pop group?

12. This EXO logo ice cube tray

These are kind of neat in theory, even if most people might not recognize what the shapes are supposed to be.

13. This mold of BIGBANG Daesung’s nose and lips

This is very…. Unique? It makes you wonder what the process was behind making it…

14. This TVXQ kombucha

Well, that’s one way to help your fans drink more healthy! There are other SM Entertainment artists that have kombuchas as well.

15. This “Made by Taemin” SHINee room spray

This was created for SHINee’s 12th anniversary for their fans… Shawols, how do you feel about it?


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