Here Are 15 Pieces Of Evidence That Prove ATEEZ’s Leader Hongjoong Is Actually Soft AF


Hongjoong is a K-Pop idol that is known for his duality. While he is part of ATEEZ‘s infamous “demon line” along with San and Seonghwa due to how possessed he can look on-stage, off-stage he can be a completely different person. He’s often soft-spoken, sweet, kind, and considerate, and even though his visuals can look a bit intimidating at times, he’s really anything but! Here are 13 pieces of evidence that prove Hongjoong is just a big softie.

1. Could anyone but a giant sweetie look this cute in a beanie?

2. Or what about flower crowns?

3. How can anyone wave this cutely??

4. He and Mingi together are basically the biggest cuties in the group

5. This whole reaction to hot Cheetos is gold

6. More tiny (ATINY?) waving!

7. This whole compilation of cute

8. He can be cute on-stage too!

9. Look at what a good leader he is!

10. Look at that adorable eye-smile even under his mask!

11. Look at this cute little shimmy

12. ATINYs confirm it

13. Can you see any difference in these pictures?

14. He always has hearts ready!

15. And finally, this adorable duo “dance” with a Spiderman plushie

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