Here’s Just How Generous IU Was With Presents To Everyone Around Her – Heads Up, $4000 Gifts Are The Standard


IU once famously said that she has so much money that she does not know what to do with it all, as there is no way she can use it all on her own. Other than being a filial child to her parents and even paying her brother’s tuition as an international student in the United States, IU is incredibly generous with her money to everyone around her. Here’s 7 gifts she gifted to others!

1. iPhones, Gucci and Chanel for TWICE

As TWICE was once a concert guest of hers, IU very generously gifted them with handpicked gifts as a gesture of her gratitude. While she originally wanted to give them all iPhone XS Maxes, as Nayeon had already changed up her phone, IU thoughtfully replaced the gift with 2 rings from Gucci and a pair of Chanel sneakers instead. Here is Nayeon showing them off on live stream!

2. A Gucci down long winter jacket for Lee Hyun Woo

As the star of not one but two of her music videos, IU wanted to show her gratitude to Lee Hyun Woo. She gifted him with this expensive jacket from Gucci, which costs $4000 USD!

3. 156 Sets Of Gifts For Students

When IU appeared on School Attack to perform at a high school in South Korea, not only did she perform her songs for them, but she left behind a more tangible gift. She gave every single graduating student a bouquet of freesias, a bar of chocolate and skincare products.

4. Her never-ending love for fans

It is said that IU has been giving out gifts to fans that wait for her at the airport since 2012. It started off small with star-candies, but slowly evolved to huge amounts of snacks she hurriedly purchased from the airport shops.

It is said that “IU has been giving fans that come to the airport gifts, consistently since 2012. She buys snacks from the duty free and tells fans to share it amongst themselves. At first she started with star-candies but now it became stuff that’s like New Year gifts.”

5. She even takes care of Park Myung Soo

As they did a collaboration on Infinity Challenge with their song “Leon”, Park Myung Soo mentioned that IU always sends New Year gifts without fail to his house, even though he always reminds her not to send anything. He expressed his immense gratitude for her unwavering care and concern.

6. She really loves her fans

IU once gifted a fan that was a budding singer, a really expensive microphone from Audio Technica. The microphone costs over $3000 USD.

The fan was given the opportunity to meet with IU via Dingo Music‘s YouTube program that brings fans closer to their idols. Not only did IU give her the microphone, she also provided invaluable advice and a hand-written letter, as well as a T-Money card (transport card that can be used as a debit card as well) with an undisclosed amount of money inside it.

7. Her farewell present to G-Dragon

She once sent an entire fridge to G-Dragon, filled with soju! G-Dragon questioned why, and she replied that it was so he could drink to his heart’s content before he enlisted. The soju was even customized with his face on the labels!

What a generous queen! No matter how rich you are, it is always difficult to part with money. IU has shown her deep consideration and generosity towards people around her – yet another reason for fans to love her.

Source: DOTAX via Daum Cafe

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