Here’s What Koreans Think About Former AOA Member Jimin’s Bullying Scandal


Former AOA member Jimin has been making headlines after it was revealed that she had bullied and tormented Mina during their time together in the group.



A YouTube channel by the name of “JerryRic” decided to interview some Koreans to get their opinions on the scandal. When asked about their opinions on the scandal, many interviewees were disappointed that the fellow AOA members didn’t do anything about the situation.

Some interviewees were also disappointed that Jimin and FNC Entertainment didn’t give a proper apology to Mina.

When asked about Jimin’s “apology“, many of the interviewees felt disappointed by it. A problem that many of the interviewees had with Jimin’s “apology” was that they didn’t think it was sincere. They also believed that Jimin was just running away from her problems.

When asked about their opinions on Jimin retiring as a celebrity, there were some mixed opinions. Some interviewees thought that Jimin should have sincerely apologized to her fans and Mina before she retired.

However, some interviewees felt that Jimin retiring was her taking responsibility for her actions.

When asked if Jimin should be allowed to make a return as a celebrity in the future, some interviewees were supportive of the idea.

However, most of the interviewees hoped that Jimin never returned as a celebrity.

Some interviewees even feared that this scandal may be forgotten in the future and that Jimin would be able to make a return. If that were to happen, they wished that it’s after Jimin truly reflects on her actions and acknowledges what she did wrong.

The interview concludes with the interviewees giving some supportive messages to Mina.

There’s more in the full video below!

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