Here’s What You Can Get At The Famous Inkigayo Snack Shop That Made The “Inkigayo Sandwich”


The Inkigayo maejeom (snack shop) is famous amongst both idols and fans for its delicious food, including the well-known “Inkigayo sandwich” that was so famous that convenience stores started selling copies of the original recipe.

Idols such as BTS, SEVENTEEN, Chungha and BLACKPINK‘s Jennie have been seen eating and raving about the sandwich.

The sandwich was the only thing that tempted Jennie backstage!

Chungha loved the sandwich as well!

The boys of SEVENTEEN showing off their snack hauls.

While the sandwich remains as popular as ever, it has been reported that the snack shop has recently updated its menu and there is a new star item on the list! Apink‘s Bomi and DIA‘s Eunice have kindly taken to their YouTube channels to share the legendary snack shop’s items with curious fans.

Firstly, as any well-stocked snack shop should, the Inkigayo maejeom sells cup noodles including Jjapaghetti (black bean noodles) and Jjamppong ramen.

Bomi also explained that the new hot potato was this sushi set of four different flavored inari sushi, topped with tuna, meat, avocado and salmon mentaiko. If one does not go to the shop early to get it, it would be sold out by afternoon.

The sushi comes in a set of four and is highly raved about.

Bomi also mentioned this cheese sandwich with huge chunks of cheddar inside.

The girls also reviewed a donkatsu sandwich, which consists of a huge slice of pork chop between bread. Namjoo said it could be a little stale or stiff though.

Bomi was totally satisfied with her mukbang review that day!

The new item on the menu also included these rice burrito wraps. DIA’s Eunice shared on its two different flavors, including thick samgyupsal (grilled pork) with brown rice.

There is also a healthier option including salmon and avocado, for those that want something fresher.

They also got the popular inari sushi set, as well as a cheese ddeokgalbi (meat patties) lunchbox.

Eunice also treated herself to a cup of ramen as their promotions had concluded on the day.

For those that are absolutely addicted to processed meats, spam and kimchi is also sold on the side.

Look at all that delicious food!

As much as we would love to try out the snacks, unfortunately the Inkigayo maejeom is only accessible from the inside of the building, meaning that it is restricted to staff and idols only. In the meantime, check out the Inkigayo food vlogs of Bomi and Eunice below!

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