Here’s Why BTS’s V Is The Most Harmless Person In The World


BTS V‘s adorable and sweet personality is well-loved among fans, making it impossible to get enough of him! One of the best parts about V is how harmless he has proven himself to be throughout the years. He appears to be so kind that he wouldn’t be able to hurt a fly!

Recently, netizens chose their favorite examples of V being absolutely harmless and cute. Introducing the most harmless person on earth, V!

During an episode of Run BTS, viewers got to see what V’s attitude is like when playing video games.

What shocked many of them was his reaction when his game window closed out of nowhere. Many people in this situation would naturally shout a swear word, but all V said was “It closed!”

What’s more, the most threatening words he has ever spoken were directed towards fellow member Jungkook.

Can you guess what he said?

You want to be pinched?

– V

Famous Last Words.

And finally, V’s the type to get super excited when he sees dandelion seeds on the ground. Without a moment’s hesitation, he goes down on his knees to blow them.

He’s too wholesome!

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