“House On Wheels” Episode 1 Kick Offs Extraordinary Travel Adventure With Sung Dong Il, Kim Hee Won & Yeo Jin Goo


House on Wheels has commenced its journey – and so far the unique freestyle travel concept makes any viewer wants to join the team!

Sung Dong Il, Kim Hee Won and Yeo Jin Goo have been driving their “house on wheels” since June 11. Given its concept of driving a small moving house which the actors use while traveling to places, it has surely drawn attention for its candid setup highlighting nomadic lifestyle. It is a special house where the front yard changes every day. At one point, it could be surrounded by luscious mountain scenery. At another point, it could be overlooking a stunning beach vista.

House On Wheels

As expected, random comic notes from the members are also highlights of the show. The first spot visited? – Sampo Beach in Gangwon province.

Before heading to the first destination, Sung Dong Il’s children Jun and Bin, who appeared with him in MBC show Dad! Where Are We Going, provided viewers a first tour of the house. A living room, a kitchen, a bath room and loft bed spaces are all neatly equipped inside the House of Wheels.

Prior to their first adventure, the three actors met with the production team and enjoy the warm food prepared by Sung Dong Il. He also reconnected with Yeo Jin Goo after 14 years, since playing dad and son roles in SBS drama, I Want To Love. Kim Hee Won is known to be a good friend of Sung Dong Il and is lauded for his villain portrayals.

Below are some of the highlights in the premiere episode of House on Wheels which aired on June 11.

Sung Dong Il’s Heartwarming Confession

In an interview, Dong Il confirmed the report about plenty of his junior actors visiting the show, and is thankful for it. He remarked how meeting them outside is different from inviting them over to House on Wheels.

The actor also explained the reason why he joined the show. Acknowledging the concept of freely traveling anywhere, he is curious of how much enjoyment and memories he can have, by spending time just for himself, at his age.

house on wheels

Yeo Jin Goo & Kim Hee Won’s wow moment

Although the concept of “tiny house” which the show used as its theme is not something new, Jin Goo and Hee Won were surprised to learn that tiny houses are sold in shopping malls.

On cue, the show’s creator further relayed how House on Wheels will be adopting the concept and will use various courtyard in South Korea as they travel along. He further revealed that it is the first time in Korea to build a “moving house” taking over two weeks on construction and around 20,000 to 30,000 dollars in cost. It also underwent security tests to be cleared for its purpose.

house on wheels

House on Wheels Specs

With a compact size of 16 square meters, basic amenities of a house is featured in the trio’s new house. It has built-in pipe to connect a hose for water supply.

It also has a plug-in electric outlet to power the lights and even small appliances. In case, there are no sources of water and power, House on Wheels is amazingly bedecked with water tank and batteries.

Role Assignments

Pumped to begin their journey, the three actors have assigned roles as House on Wheels move. Dong Il gets the chef hat, Jin Goo is the dishwasher and Hee Won claims the errand boy badge.

All three actors also secured special driving license for large vehicles. Sung Dong Il was impressed that Yeo Jin Goo managed to get one as he unfortunately failed the test.

Moving In Day

Kim Hee Won and Yeo Jin Goo are both elated to see the house for the first time. Hee Won, who confessed driving for 20 years without accident, takes charge in pouring alcohol on the wheels of their new wheeled house for auspicious travel. Meanwhile, Jin Goo was tasked to enter the house with a rice cooker for another good luck ceremony.

Dong Il presents the house to his juniors who are both mesmerized on its neat and furnished features. The bed spaces both have sky views that can also be opened, while the comfy couch in the living room can be converted to a bed.

The spic and span rest room also has cold and hot water options. In the kitchen, the spices and ingredients are neatly lined up for ease of access while cooking. A foldable table that complements the kitchen window also gives a nice coffee spot inside the house.

Let’s go to Sampo Beach

Off the three brothers drive to Sampo Beach in Goseong City, Gangwon province. Kim Hee Won is tasked as the designated driver who smoothly maneuvered the car linked to their house.

Hinting two beautiful guests to visit their house, they plan on the food to cook, but Kim joked that at the rate they are going, the stores would be close by then.

Arriving at Gapyeong rest stop, the three played a game using their credit cards to buy some food. Lucky for the hyung and maknae, Hee Won ends up doing the food errand after losing the game. While waiting, Sung Dong Il checks on the first guests of the show by calling them.

First Guests: Hyeri & Ra Mi Ran

Visiting the housewarming episode of House on Wheels are actresses Hye Ri and Ra Mi Ran, with whom Sung Dong Il worked before in the hit Reply 1988 series. Mi Ran has also appeared with Hee Won in some films.

Arriving first, Hye Ri handed gifts to the members which include board games that can help them when they get bored in the house. She also gave a secret gift (earplugs) for Yeo Jin Goo since she knows he will be needing it at night time to sleep soundly owing to his seniors’ snoring.

Next to arrive is Mi Ran, who kept herself busy checking the House on Wheels features. The group went out to buy some groceries when she arrived.

Dinner By the Beach

Ra Mi Ran sure knows her camping tools which made the setup of the camping experience all the more organized. Dong Il flashes his grilling expertise happily feeding his junior actors especially Hye Ri, who munches on the juicy grilled beef with gusto.

Eager to show off his cooking skills, Jin Goo struggles with his gochujang jjigae as he puts on flavor enhancers. Feeling worried, Kim Hee Won tasted it and described it like the taste of tteokbokki while Sung Dong Il aptly remarked how he added all the spices in the world except curry earning united laughter from the party of five.

As an experienced camper, Mi Ran teaches the trio not to go together to get groceries to even out the division of work.

Pretty Boy Yeorista

After dinner, they crave for something to drink unfortunately Jin Goo’s coffee bean will take time to be ready for brewing. He then remembers the sikhye that he made prior to the show, however, aside from spilling on his luggage it also went bad.

Wanting to make up for the troubles that night, Jin Goo sets to make caramel macchiato, but the sweetness is too overwhelming for his seniors.

Hye Ri tries to talk Jin Goo out of preparing a drip coffee, but he insists. And it definitely paid off as it earned praises from Dong Il and Mi Ran. Dong Il even left a quick reference to how it is same with acting – that simple acting is the best.

Family of Five

After a long day, the family of five cap off the night with talks about the experiences that day. In particular, Hee Won voiced out the lessons he has learned so far as he has a lot of woes before the show. He also ruminated on Jin Goo’s passion to make something worthy out of the failures he encountered that day. Something that he himself lacks.

The second episode of House on the Wheel continues with Hye Ri and Mi Ran as the trio face series of problems in their tiny moving house.

Photos: Screencaps from VIU

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