Hwasa Looks Breathtaking In The First Teaser Of Her Track “LMM”


After spellbinding fans with her mesmerizing comeback album María, Hwasa is back but this time with her heartfelt track “LMM,” for which she unveiled the first enigmatic music video teaser! 

Hwasa captivated listeners with her recent comeback album María. The album is an expression of the songstress’ versatility as a musician. From the mischievous “Maria,” the playful “Kidding,” and now the heart rending number, “LMM,” it is safe to state that Hwasa is definitely an ace artist.

The monochromatic teaser opens on a profound note that reads, “Flowers do bloom even in rain falling down”. The still then shifts to the songstress walking amidst an arrow shower of sorts. Hwasa walks in a rushed manner to the center of the house resembling a flower petal, before shooting arrows into the sky.

Hwasa appears like an empyrean warrior princess in her all white avatar. The vocalist bears a striking resemblance to Katniss Everdeen as she walks with a bow and arrow in hand. And, the scene is quite reminiscent to Hunger Games.   

“LMM,” is undoubtedly one of the standout tracks from Hwasa’s album. The track showcases her vocal range in the finest way imaginable. She nails those breathy notes with ease and leaves listeners breathless with her captivating high notes on the same. 

The song has a very orchestral tone to it and is composed of a predominantly piano and violin based melody. Hwasa’s vocals are in focus on this song and shine brightly than ever. “LMM,” expresses the emotions of when someone loses the course of their life or a special person. They keep reaching out for more without realising that in the process they are losing themselves. 

The soul stirring track has a melodramatic mood where Hwasa’s vocals are set to put listeners into a trance. Her voice just sounds so hauntingly beautiful on this track that is sure to move and mesmerize all at once.

The music video for “LMM,” will be revealed on July 16, 6PM KST. 

Source/Images Credit To: RBW

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