Idols Are Obsessed With These Two New Food Trends At The Inkigayo Cafeteria


For the longest time, the Inkigayo Sandwich won the hearts of idols for its unique sweet taste. The sandwich became such a hot sensation that idols began to make it at home and convenience stores began to sell it themselves!

But that’s so 2019! There’s a new food trend that’s come to town that all the idols are raving about! And it’s none other than… the Rice Burrito and Yubuchobap!

| Youtube: 뽐뽐뽐

IZ*ONE‘s Wonyoung claimed it was her latest favorite food, and she has to have it every time she’s at Inkigayo!

There’s a rice burrito that has salmon, avocado, and rice. It’s really huge burrito that looks like kimbap, and I eat it every time I go there.

The yubuchobap there is good too.

— Wonyoung

All of the DIA members are in love too! They showed off a variety of their favorite burritos, including the signature salmon types as well as beef bulgogi ones.

They gathered together with all different kinds of rice burrito and yubuchobap to share!

| Youtube: Honey’ce허니스

Apink’s Bomi also made a Vlog of herself trying out the burritos and yubuchobap. She explained that you can’t get them if you arrive late since they sell out so quickly!

Although the yubuchobaps may seem small, they’re filled with delicious flavors that will fill you up real fast!

Look at that fresh salmon! The burrito’s so big you can’t eat the whole thing in one bite!

Will this be the next big trend to hit all the foodies in Korea? Check out the idols who are completely obsessed with the new menus at Inkigayo!

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