If BLACKPINK Were Guys, Here’s Which Member They’d Each Date


Each BLACKPINK member is a catch in their own right. With their endless charisma, lovable personalities, and outstanding visuals, everyone is well-loved. Even international celebrities are not immune to their charms, and many become fanboys online when trying to get their attention.

But if BLACKPINK could only choose each other to date, who would pick whom? They answered that question in an online broadcast, and the results were definitely interesting!

1. Jisoo

If Jisoo were a guy, she might become a two-timer!

She originally picked Lisa in a fansign due to the maknae‘s tall height.

In the online broadcast, however, she settled on Rosé because of her beautiful voice.

Since Rosé can use her voice to serenade and comfort Jisoo after a long day, she’s the most romantic member among all of them.

If I date her, I think she will sing me a song every night on her guitar. She always sings songs while playing the guitar. That’s why I chose her.

– Jisoo

2. Jennie

Meanwhile, Jennie picked Jisoo as the member she’d date if she were a guy. While she sometimes “hates” Jisoo’s aegyo, it makes her laugh at the same time.

As the eldest member can make Jennie happy, any misgivings can be thrown away.

It’s funny, she makes me laugh a lot.

– Jennie

3. Lisa

Lisa originally joked around and said she’d date herself.

After thinking about it for a second, she gave a firm reply: “Jennie unnie!”

Jennie’s visuals are apparently so out of this world, Lisa wasn’t afraid to say so to the gasps of her members.

She’s sexy!

– Lisa

Jennie wasn’t all that surprised. She explained, “Lisa has been touching me a lot. You do that for a reason.”

4. Rosé

Finally, Rosé chose her “boyfriend” right away. After asking her members to make themselves stand out…

…she chose Jennie! The reasoning was simple: Jennie can make great kimchi fried rice.

Jennie: I’m good at making kimchi fried rice.

Rosé: Oh my, that’s enough. I think I should date Jennie.

For Rosé, that’s all that matters.

So Lisa picked Jennie, Jennie picked Jisoo, Jisoo picked Rosé, and Rosé picked Jennie. Either way, no matter who dates whom, every BLACKPINK member would end up in good hands!

Check out the full video below!

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