Introducing To You 3 Rookie Girl Group Members That Were All Ex-Trainees Of SM


SM Entertainment is known for their extremely strict management and debut standards – probably why all of their groups are top notch when it comes to skills! With their new girl group line up being revised time and time again, anticipations for the new group are at an all-time high.

SM Entertainment has even kicked out longstanding, well-known female trainees such as Lami, Goeun and Herin. While Herin will not be returning to the industry and Lami and Goeun’s fates are undecided, here are some other of their trainees that have recently made their debuts with other groups.

1. woo!ah!’s Wooyeon

Wooyeon was born in 2003, making her 17 internationally this year. She is known for her eye smile and long legs!

Her role in the group is the visual, and she takes the addictive killing part in their debut song, “woo!ah!”

Many have already picked her to be the most popular of the group!

2. woo!ah!’s Nana

Another gem that SM Entertainment has missed out on, Nana is known to be the all-rounder of the group. Born in 2001, she is the oldest in the group at 19 (international age).

She trained for two years and a half in total, and it shows! Her roles apart from leader include the lead dancer, main rapper and main vocalist, although fans say she can be the visual as well.

3. Rocket Punch’s Dahyun

Born in 2005, Dahyun is the maknae in her group and the youngest out of this list of ex-SM Entertainment trainees. However, Rocket Punch actually debuted before the rest, making her their senior.

Dahyun trained in SM Entertainment before making her way to Woollim Entertainment in 2017! She must’ve started training at a really young age, as she is only 15 years old internationally this year.

4. Weeekly’s Jihan

Jihan was born in 2004 and she’s another talented one that SM Entertainment let go of! She currently is the lead dancer and lead vocalist in her group.

Fans say that her dimples are her most attractive point!

Bonus – Xu Yiyang

Many have been curious about the whereabouts of this Chinese trainee that was famous for being a visual in SM Rookies. Although she missed the cut off for the debut in the Chinese version of Produce 101 2020, she has found a new home, ironically in the agency set up by EXO’s former member, Tao. Her flashy visuals are definitely SM Entertainment’s type!

While they may have missed their chance to debut under SM Entertainment, the girls seem to be doing well in their own positions and groups currently. Remember, stars shine wherever they are.


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