Irene & Seulgi Show Their Vicious Sides In Their Debut Sub-Unit Album “Monster”


In their debut release as Red Velvet’s only sub-unit, Irene and Seulgi impress with their stunning vocals in the sensual mini-album.

After an eager wait, Irene and Seulgi captivated fans with their powerful concept and femme fatale turn for their first mini-album Monster.

Irene & Seulgi

Comeback Countdown Timeline

ReVeluvs first heard the news of Irene and Seulgi’s debut as Red Velvet’s first sub-unit back in May. The official announcement for the duo’s mini-album Monster was posted across the group’s SNS platforms. Featuring a mysterious “S” and “I” intertwining to create an “&” symbol, fans’ excitement lept off the charts for their unit debut.

Though the mini-album was originally scheduled for a June release, SM Entertainment released a subsequent statement determining that further work was necessary. As such, the duo would release their album in July.

On June 21, Irene and Seulgi dropped their first video teaser, hinting towards their dark concept for the comeback.

Irene and Seulgi delivered their comeback schedule on June 25, outlining the events ReVeluvs could look forward to before their release on July 6.

Irene & Seulgi

To the delight of fans, Irene and Seulgi posted their first mood sampler on their SNS platforms. The clip teased a jazzy, soothing track while the duo boasted chic visuals.

Teasers for the individual members also released. Irene was the vision of elegance in a black bodysuit, posing within a red-themed room.

Irene & Seulgi

She served an ominous aura in her individual video teaser, piercing the camera with a steady gaze.

Contrastingly, Seulgi evoked a doll-like delicateness in her photos, posing within a yellow retro-inspired room.

Irene & Seulgi

Seulgi’s solo video intrigued viewers with its choppy editing and hand-held mirror view.

Following this retro-inspired concept, Irene and Seulgi wore large, floppy hats and coral-toned makeup. Despite the colorful shoot, both women portrayed dark, mysterious glares.

Irene & Seulgi

In the subsequent video teaser, both Irene and Seulgi portray shifting eyes and teasing glances, as if keeping a secret between each other.

The following jarring visual clip shows the pair exchanging tomatoes in one scene and embracing pinkies in another. Though the video seems nostalgic, it also emits an eerie quality similar to horror films.

In the second mood sampler, fans were treated with a melodic beat as Irene and Seulgi showcased sultry makeup looks while whispering into each other’s ear.

In the next series of concept photos, Irene and Seulgi displayed their more mature sides in the modern, minimalistic shoot.

Irene & Seulgi

Irene & Seulgi

The duo’s penultimate concept photos were their most luxurious yet. Resting on a bed of water, Irene and Seulgi looked ethereal in the more pensive images.

Irene & Seulgi

Just ahead of their comeback, the sub-unit delivered their first music video teaser.

The second music video teaser hints towards their journey from innocence to evil, showing the pair wearing white dresses before transitioning to fiercer looks.

Mimicking the second music video teaser, their last concept photos feature the outfits seen in the clip.

Irene & Seulgi

Monster First Impressions

Following its extensive comeback promotions, Monster unveiled on July 6 to the ears of eager ReVeluvs.

“Monster” opens the mini-album in an eerie spectacle. With an ominous piano intro leading into a dark, sinister trap beat, an eerie synth, and percussive snapping, “Monster” is full of grit. As the title for their sub-unit debut, Irene and Seulgi provide a villainous anthem, full of vengeance and power.

“Diamond” is a chiller, relaxed jazz track that highlights the members’ vocals. As their higher and lower tones compliment one another in perfect harmony, Irene and Seulgi serve a soothing listen.

The next song on the album, “Feel Good”, is a stand-out. Having perhaps the most minimal of instrumentals in comparison to the prior tracks, this song allows Irene and Seulgi’s voices to shine. The vocally driven melody intrigues. as if the women beckon the listeners to follow them on their journey during the sensual track.

“Jelly” is the most playful on the mini-album. In the more upbeat track, the members express jealousy in a cute and endearing way. Irene and Seulgi display their versatility as their voices take on a sweeter quality than in the other songs.

The last song is a special vocal track called, “Uncover”, sung by Seulgi. Previously unveiled at Red Velvet’s La Rouge concert, fans were thrilled to see its inclusion in Monster. Seulgi’s angelic voice croons lyrics to brighten a mind trapped in darkness.

“Monster” MV Afterthoughts

If “Monster” alone was a spectacle, its music video only elevated the grandness of the song even more. Irene and Seulgi dominated the video with intricate choreography and their impressive chemistry. Furthermore, “Monster” marks their most sensual music video release since “Bad Boy”, matching the seductive, dark jazz track perfectly.

With its impressive set designs, outfits, and use of editing, “Monster” is a film in and of itself. Equal parts dynamic and sinister, the music video encapsulated the tone of Irene and Seulgi’s sub-unit debut well.

Image Source: SM Entertainment 

Video Source: SM Entertainment

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