IU And Red Velvet’s Irene Have Such Contrasting Eating Habits That The Comparison Is Trending Online


IU and Red Velvet‘s Irene are both top stars in the Korean entertainment scene, but their eating habits are such polar opposites that the comparison is trending online.

The particular eating habit in question is the number of times they chew food before swallowing, and IU and Irene couldn’t be any more different.

In the web variety show, Level Up! Thrilling Project, Irene revealed her particular eating habit.

Whenever I eat a meal, I tell myself that I should chew more than 30 times. But I end up chewing a bite only 3 times.

– Irene

Unlike Irene, who eats at the speed of light, IU once revealed that she chews her food many, many times.

In a past appearance on KBS Cool FM’s Jung Eunji’s Music Plaza, IU confessed that she chews her food more than 30 times and explained why.

I chew my food more than 30 times. I feel like that’s the only way I can fully savor the flavors.

– IU

The two contrasting eating habits of IU and Irene have fans discussing who they can relate to more.

  • I can’t seem to chew for a long time like IU.
  • How do you chew over 30 times?
  • I have a hard time digesting if I only chew a couple of times.
  • I’m just like IU.
  • I’m too hungry to chew that many times.

Which side do you lean towards?

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