IU’s Voice Is So Perfect It Sounds Like All She Does Is Eat CDs On The Daily


We all know IU is a great singer, but her ability to sing perfectly without any background music proves once again that she is the queen of vocals.

Although her voice is perfect as it is, the way it sounds with just her voice is on another level. Some refer to it as a voice that has its own auto tune or machine to make her sound so perfect. Here are what celebrities who have heard her voice without any instrumentals have to say.

“How is this possible?”

“You really aren’t adding any auto tune or machines to your voice.”

“She has voice talent like a machine (as if the CD was playing).”

“The intro without any accompaniment sounded exactly like the CD.”

“I’ve head her voice right next me before!”

“It sounds like a breeze is blowing in your ear.”

“I suddenly got goosebumps.”

“Amazed once again.”

Even someone like Park Myung Soo, who doesn’t usually give compliments, was shocked at IU’s vocals.

If you watch the clip starting around the ~59 second mark you can listen to IU singing without any background music. Her angelic voice can be heard crisp and clear and it’s truly magical.

IU’s amazing CD-like vocals can be heard more distinctly when singing a cappella or with just a few instruments.

Below you can hear a few clips of her singing live with just a guitar.

UN Village- EXO’s Baekhyun

Zombie- Day6

Spring Day- BTS

If you still aren’t sure, here’s a few more examples of her singing a cappella that will blow you away!

Dear Moon

Merry Christmas

Rain Drop+dlwlrma

If this isn’t someone eating CDs for breakfast than we don’t know what is!

Source: theqoo

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