Kassy Painfully Expresses Love Yearning In Her Newest Single “Tock Tock”


Kassy serenades fans through her newest single titled “Tock Tock”!

Kassy reminds listeners of a wistful summer night through her newest music released on July 2.

Comeback Countdown Timeline

The soloist made the first announcement of her upcoming single by releasing a teaser photo in her official Instagram account.

On June 25, Kassy unveiled another teaser photo along with the preview details about her new single. She described the photo as “Knock + toc = Tock”.

Five days prior to the official release, the songstress unveiled another teaser photo on June 25. As she sits alone, gazing outside the cafe, Kassy evoked a sentimental look while looking nostalgic. With this photo, she also revealed the title of her upcoming single which is “Tock Tock”.

Then on June 29, the singer released a melody spoiler on her Instagram which featured her new single.

The teaser video contained a lyrical piano performance that easily captivated the viewers hearts. She described the clip as “Teacher Young Soo’s Piano Teaser”. Its beautiful melody and Kassy’s affectionate and deep voice is expected to create an emotional synergy.

Check out the melody spoiler below:

Providing a clearer and longer preview of “Tock Tock”, Kassy dropped a new teaser video. The singer calmly sat outside a cafe while soulfully singing few lines from her upcoming track.

Watch “Tock Tock” teaser below:

The soloist unveiled another preview video of her, singing few lines from her track similar to the previous clip. However, this time, Kassy sang in a different location. While being deeply immersed with her own emotions, the singer delicately belted out. It also featured a woman which she called Teacher Young Soo, accompanying her with a piano.

Watch the second teaser of “Tock Tock” below:

“Tock Tock” First Impression and MV Afterthoughts

Released two months after her previous single “When Love Comes By” in April, her new song “Tock Tock” captures a different vibe. It is an emotional R&B song that gives a soothing feeling – a soundtrack perfect for summer nights.

Through Kassy’s soulful delivery of the song, the mood of the music video becomes mellow and wistful. She managed to elicit deep emotions of yearning for someone.

The use of onomatopoeia for its title is quite interesting and unique.  “Tock Tock” is a compound word of “Knock” and “Toc”. It pertains to the sound of raindrops similar to tapping one’s heart.

With Kassy’s participation in writing its lyrics, her style in writing shows up quite impressive. It is because of her abstract approach as if those words came from a personal diary.

Kassy is known for her emotional vocal delivery, an artist who shows the essence of ballads through her attractive low and medium tones. From clear depictions of the song’s story line, “Tock Tock” also featured her delicate singing style and high-pitched vocal range.

From deep low to mournful high notes, “Tock Tock” gives an emotional escapade that makes someone nostalgic of his/her past love.

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