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Kim Hyun-joo joins Ji Jin-hee in JTBC’s Undercover

Ji Jin-hee, Kim Hyun-joo

Kim Hyun-joo (Watcher) and Ji Jin-hee (Designated Survivor: 60 Days) will reunite in upcoming JTBC drama Undercover, which is the Korean adaptation of a BBC show by the same name. Ji Jin-hee plays an NSA agent who has been hiding his identity for a long time. Kim Hyun-joo plays a righteous human rights lawyer who becomes the first-ever commissioner of a civil servant corruption investigations ministry.

The two confront immense powers that use the country as an excuse to pursue their own profitable agendas. In discovering the truth behind these powers, they find different aspects of humanity revealed, and a battle begins to defend justice and fight for love.

Previously, Ji Jin-hee and Kim Hyun-joo worked together in passionate melodrama I Have a Lover, in which they played a married couple. In Undercover, they play a married couple again, but the circumstances are very different. Ji Jin-hee’s character was handpicked to be an NSA agent right out of police academy because of his extraordinary reflexes, and his daring bravery allowed him to enjoy a successful career within the organization. He falls in love with Kim Hyun-joo while he’s on a top secret mission, and they get married. When she becomes a candidate for commissioner, his secrets make them vulnerable to a spiraling power struggle.

Ji Jin-hee said, “I picked this project because I was so touched by Han Jung-hyun [my character] and how he sacrifices himself for the ones he loves. I’m looking forward to working with Kim Hyun-joo, whom I haven’t seen in a long time. I promise this will be a good project with good acting, so please look forward to it.”

Kim Hyun-joo said “I became immersed in the project as soon as I read the script, and it showed complex relationships between all the characters. I wanted to return to the screen with a good project and character. I felt strangely drawn to Choi Yeon-soo [my character], perhaps because she’s close to being what people may expect in an ideal person.”

JTBC drama Undercover, directed by Song Hyun-wook (The Beauty Inside) and co-written by Baek Chul-hyun, Song Ja-hoon, Jung Hye-eun, will begin airing in the first half of 2021.

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