Kim Jong Kook Once Called Song Ji Hyo “Honey”…And Everyone Had The Best Reactions


A lot of fans of Running Man throughout the years have wished that Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook became a couple due to their chemistry together.

It got so popular to the point where it became a running joke on the show. During one episode, Haha decided to call Song Ji Hyo “sister-in-law”, trying to tease the two.

While Song Ji Hyo decided to play along with Haha’s joke, Kim Jong Kook just remained silent.

When Song Ji Hyo began her mission, she shocked everyone by succeeding on her first try.

Kim Jong Kook finally decided to play along with the joke after this, as he addressed Song Ji Hyo as “honey”.

Everyone couldn’t contain their laughter after Kim Jong Kook’s comment, as he rarely ever plays along with these kinds of jokes.

Song Ji Hyo decided to play alongside Kim Jong Kook, and even gave him the money she won.

Here’s the full video below!

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