Kim Yohan Will Debut In A New Boy Group, Here’s Why They’re Already A Powerhouse


Produce X 101‘s center Kim Yohan is finally debuting in his own group!

WEi is OUI Entertainment‘s newest rookie boy group. The company released their first teaser image on July 10, and fans immediately recognized each confirmed member. Check them out below!

1. Kim Yohan

Yohan is best known for having ranked first place on Produce X 101.


He immediately gained attention after the first round for his moving backstory, giving up a promising career in taekwondo to pursue his dream of being an idol.

Fans soon recognized his incredible talent at rapping and dancing despite his short training period.

2. Kim Donghan

Kim Donghan already has a solid fandom thanks to his participation in Produce 101 Season 2


…and his solo career.

He even grabbed his first win on SBS‘s The Show on June 26, 2018 with “Sunset”, proving his prowess as an idol.

3. Kang Seokhwa

YG Entertainment fans will recognize Seokhwa as being part of Treasure B in YG Treasure Box which aired from November 2018 to January 2019.

While he did not make it to the finals, his vocal prowess and stage presence were admired.

Seokhwa then participated in Produce X 101 as an independent trainee where he ranked 35th.

4. Jang Daehyun

Finally, Daehyun is already known in the K-Pop scene for having debuted in a group called Rainz.

He also showed off his outstanding rapping skills in Produce 101 Season 2.

Daehyun released his solo “FEEL GOOD” on August 24, 2019.

Despite not yet debuting as a team, these four members have their own strong individual fandoms. They will be an absolute powerhouse when they debut as WEi!


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