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Genres: Comedy, Korean Drama, Drama, Family & Kids, Music 
Cast: T-ara, Sistar, After School, Ailee, JB / Im Jae bum, Jeong Jin Woon, Kang Sora 
Original title: 드림하이2 
Broadcast Network: KBS 
Broadcast Period: 2012-01-30 to 2012-03-20 
Like its predecessor Dream High, it follows a group of students at the Kirin High School of Art stars who pursue their dream of becoming K-pop stars. However, it has a slightly different plot with a completely new group of students.
After going into financial bankruptcy, Kirin High School is taken over by Oz Entertainment. The company then transfers its own young trainees to circumvent a law requiring under-age entertainers to study for a set amount of time. Then, competition brews between the troubled students at Kirin High and the newly transferred Oz Entertainment trainees.
Although Shin Hae-sung (Kang Sora) enters Kirin High School with a high exam score, she has a poor score in performance. She meets and befriends fellow students, Jin Yoo-jin (Jung Jin-woon) and JB. Yoo-jin, who originally got into the entertainment industry as a child actor, is now troubled by his dreams of becoming a pop star as he tries to cope with the pain of his parent’s divorce. JB, a member of a famous group Eden, develops feelings for Hae-sung and dates her later on.
Rian (Jiyeon), a member of a famous girl group called “HershE”, chases after JB, who was once her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Yoo-jin, who also likes Hae-sung, tries to separate the couple with Rian. Later on, Rian and Yoo-jin give up and remain close friends.
Hae-sung later becomes a famous composer and director, JB ends up as a trainee, Rian become a Hallyu idol and Yoo-jin become a rock music teacher at Kirin High School.
·         Kang Sora as Shin Hae-sung
·         JB as Jang Woo-jae (I:dn Member)
·         Jinwoon as Jin Yoo-jin
·         Ji-yeon as Rian/Lee Ji-kyung (HershE Member)
·         Hyorin as Nana/Kim Jae-hee (HershE Member)
·         Park Seo-joon as Si-woo (I:dn Member)


·         Ailee as herself (HershE Member)
·         Jr. as Jung Ui-bong
·         Yoo So-young as Park Soon-dong
·         Kim Jisoo as Park Hong-joo
·         Jung Yeon-Joo as Lee Seul
·         Park Jin-young as Yang Jin-man (English Teacher)
·         Kwon Hae-hyo as Joo Jung-wan (Principal)
·         Kim Jung-tae as Lee Kang-chul (President)
·         Choi Yeo-jin as Ahn Tae-yeon (Vocal Teacher)
·         Park Kahi as Hyun Ji-soo (Dance Teacher)
·         Kim Soo-hyun as Song Sam-dong (ep 1)
·         IU as Kim Pil-sook (ep 1)
·         Toxic as band performing with Yoo-jin in Hongdae (ep 1)
·         MYNAME as OZ Entertainment idol group (ep 2)
·         Boyfriend as themselves (ep 2)
·         PSY as trainer coach (ep 5)
·         Yeeun as herself (ep 9)
·         miss A as themselves (ep 15)
·         Park Jin-young as himself (ep 16)
·         Yoon Hee-suk as Shin Jae-in
·         Hwang Mi-sun as Rian’s mother
·         Jung Kyu-soo as Hae-sung’s father
·         No Jung-ui as Shin Hae-poong (Hae-sung’s sister)

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