Lee Hyori Apologizes To Yoo Jae Suk And Rain On “How Do You Play?” About Recent Controversy


On the July 11 episode of MBC’s “How Do You Play?”, Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Hyori, and Rain continued to prepare for their group debut as SSAK3. Earlier, SSAK3 dropped the MV and single for their first cover song.

The episode kicked off with the three members at the recording studio, meeting with the producer, Lee Sang Soon, and the arranger, Playing Child. Lee Sang Soon said, “This is the first time that I’ve made a song with such a fast tempo and a fun vibe.”

Lee Hyori joked to her husband, “Why are you looking at me like a stranger?” Yoo Jae Suk commented, “It’s because you’re Linda G right now.” Lee Hyori then greeted her husband as her alter ego, saying, “Like a rose with thorns, I’m beautiful but you can’t get too close.”

Zico visited the members at the studio and Rain explained to the other members the reason behind their recent collaboration, “Summer Hate.” Rain said, “Zico sent me a text at the beginning of February. He said there was a song that he wanted to do with me. I listened to it and it was really good.”

Zico added, “I contacted him before the ‘Gang’ syndrome broke out.” He shared that he had come to the studio to help the members with writing the rap parts. Lee Sang Soon commented, “I can’t believe that Zico is helping with the rap part for a song I wrote.”

In the next part of the episode, Rain worked with the choreography team to create the dance for the group’s title track. The other members joined him for practice several days later. Before rehearsal began, Yoo Jae Suk said to Lee Hyori, “Before we debut…”

Lee Hyori said, “I’ll be careful.” She started to tear up and added, “I should leave the group. You should get someone else.” Yoo Jae Suk and Rain opposed this, saying, “Then we’d have to do it with the two of us.” Yoo Jae Suk added, “These are things that happen as you go through life.” Lee Hyori continued, “I was too excited. I should stop being Linda G. I shouldn’t cause so much trouble for the team.”

Yoo Jae Suk and Rain gave her tissues and comforted her, saying, “Lee Hyori is also human.” Lee Hyori apologized once again and said, “I was too thoughtless.”

This was about the recent controversy over Lee Hyori and YoonA’s Instagram Live broadcast in a karaoke room. Both artists have since apologized.

On a lighter note, the SSAK3 members talked about Rain’s commercials and ad-libs. Rain said, “What’s wrong with ‘Fun’? If you’re going to be like this, I’m going to record ‘Fun’ by myself and ask Jessi or Hwasa to join me.” Lee Hyori protested, “I already picked [Uhm] Jung Hwa, Jessi, and Hwasa, so you have to do it with someone else.” Rain quipped, “I’ve already come up with a name. ‘Refund Expeditionary Force.’”

The three members then began practicing their new choreography in earnest.

Check out an episode of “How Do You Play?” below!

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