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Lee Jang-woo, Jin Ki-joo confirmed for new KBS weekend drama

Lee Jang-woo, Jin Ki-joo


A new weekend drama is being planned on KBS, called Oh! Samkwang Villa, and casting has been confirmed for actors Lee Jang-woo (Graceful Family) and Jin Ki-joo (The Secret Life of My Secretary).

Rounding out the cast are veteran actors Jeon In-hwa (My Daughter, Geum Sa-wol), Jung Bo-seok (Rude Miss Young-ae 17), and Hwang Shin-hye (Legend of the Blue Sea).

The drama is centered around the Samkwang Villa neighborhood and the different relationships between the residents who call it their home. The story’s focus will be on how they came to live in the area and their growth as they become a tight-knit family community.

Within this story, Lee Jang-woo takes on the role of Woo Jae-hee. He comes from a well-off family and his father (Jung Bo-seok) is the president of a large company. However, Lee always clashed with his father’s conservative and old school mindset and left home as soon as he was accepted into college. He stayed independent by supporting himself through part-time jobs and worked hard to become an architect after graduating university.

Jin Ki-joo plays Lee Bit-chae-woon, who has a tough and straight-forward personality who dreams of one day becoming a textile designer. She works as a technician for an interior decoration shop and visits the home of customers to install furniture, curtains, and lighting. As the eldest child and breadwinner of the family, her younger siblings look up to her and depend on her. And she often has to step in and protect her mom (Jeon In-hwa), who is too trusting and is easily hoodwinked by others.

On the production side, directing will be done by PD Hong Seok-gu (My Only One) and scripts will be penned by writer Yoon Kyung-ah (A Moment at Eighteen). The two previously worked together on Perfect Wife.

KBS’s upcoming Oh! Samkwang Villa is currently being planned to air in September, following Once Again.

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