Lee Jin Hyuk Delivers A Fun Summer Mini Album “Splash!”


Lee Jin Hyuk creates a refreshing summer treat in the form of his mini-album Splash!

Lee Jin Hyuk promises a fun experience through his latest release Splash!

Lee Jin Hyuk

Splash! Comeback Countdown Timeline

Lee Jin Hyuk announced his comeback through a delicious-looking image posted on June 8. He had only revealed the date of the release and hinted at a party theme for his second solo album.

Following up on June 16, he added a colorful scheduler and officially began the comeback countdown.

The artist revealed two images under the names “solo” and “role” photos on June 17 and 18. The solo one included Lee Jin Hyuk smiling over a space filled with delicious-looking sweets and presents.

Meanwhile, the role photo was a blurred one, focusing on one of the many roles the idol was going to show.

Lee Jin Hyuk

In addition, the rapper later revealed a clear version of the role photo, attracting even more attention from fans.

Lee Jin Hyuk

Moving on, the first music video teaser was revealed on June 22. The video allowed fans to take a sneak peek at the chaos which would be unleashed later on.

The next teaser contained two lyric photos. They continued to display the contrast between tidy and a mess, raising expectations more.

After that office-focused reveal, the artist went back to the sweet treats. They were used as the background image of the tracklist’s poster, uncovering the titles of seven songs to fill up Splash! with.

The curious part was the last song as it would only be available to listen to on the CD version.

Reaching to the final teasers, with the first one being a music thumbnail. It not only previewed the album’s songs but also provided various images throughout the video, showing the different charms of the idol.

Lastly, the second music video teaser was uploaded, which gave a better feel to the song “Bedlam” and what fans can expect.

The full version of the title song was released on June 30 at 6 PM KST.

Splash! First Impression

The experience starts with the title track “Bedlam”. The song falls into the trap genre with a heavy 808 bass and a piano bringing a colorful feel. In addition, listeners are able to enjoy Lee Jin Hyuk’s different rap tone through this exciting track.

Through the lyrics, the artist delivers the message of enjoying one’s life in their own way, without being bothered by other things or people. Adding up to this track, the end delivers a slight twist, swiftly completing the refreshing feel.

“Picasso” combines jazz and EDM trap, two seemingly out of match genres, to bring this fun art-themed song. This is another enjoyable music piece with more inspiring lyrics about doing things your own way.

Next up, “Rival” expresses the message about a fight against one’s self. Lee Jin Hyuk states that his rival is himself and shows his own desire of wanting to be better with each passing day.

“Holly Jolly” is a definite mood lifter with its fun and bright feel, just like the title itself. Moreover, it is a dance hip hop song in which the rapper invites listeners to leave their worries and join him in partying as if it is a special day.

“Playground” is a cute dance song written from the viewpoint of a kid and brings out a nostalgic feel in listeners. In addition, the track brings up memories from the childhood which every person holds somewhere in their memories.

With “Sweet Rain”, Lee Jin Hyuk manages to show his broad music spectrum. He brings a refreshing and powerful song using a delicate yet certain melody. The song’s purpose is to give comfort and support to everyone experiencing a hard time.

“Bedlam” MV Afterthoughts

Lee Jin Hyuk presents an exciting music video for the title track “Bedlam”. Through it, he unleashes chaos in the form of many fun scenes. The rapper portrays different roles throughout the video, creating a light mood with all of them.

“Bedlam” shows a party that the artist has thrown for himself in his mind for his own birthday. It further focuses on the message of the song about enjoying one’s self anywhere and anyhow.

Source and image credit: TOP Media

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