Lee Joon Gi Dons Summer Romance Vibe In Photos For The Star Magazine


Donning fresh clothing in summer theme, Lee Joon Gi charms in the backdrop of Macau.

He wears dandy and comfy clothing complementing his sweet boyfriend look. At the filming site, locals and tourists noticed the actor proving his popularity as a Korean wave star.

lee joon gi

In the accompanying interview, Lee remarked how the photoshoot is something he would remember as a precious memory. It’s like a vacation he said. Since March, he has been filming Flower of Evil. Hence, he has not done any extraordinary public activity.

Lee’s small screen comeback tests the mettle of the actor known for his diverse acting skills. He is set to play the role of a doting family man with a dark secret from his past life.

“I am thrilled and satisfied with my work as an actor these days, challenging new things, and enjoying myself and creating connection in the filming location. I want to enjoy the process faithfully and make it a way to nurture my career. Please support me a lot,” he said.

When asked about his troubles while filming, Lee Joon Gi honestly showed his passion as an actor. He said, “I’m most worried about how to convey the merits of this work and the flow of emotions of the character to the viewers. I have to express emotions and hide important feelings in order to present the details of the character.”

Lee Joon Gi is often considered a role model for junior actors due to his excellent acting ability and personality. On that note, he also conveys wise words for them. “Pride and authenticity as an actor is something everyone in the community create together. If the actor has really good energy, I think that can provide a better influence.”

Lastly, Lee expresses warm words for his fans. “I want to meet with the fans as soon as possible and laugh and have fun together. I always thank the fans and the public for their unwavering support and love. I will always do my best to be a good actor who brings happiness with good works.”

More photos and interview details are in the July 2020 issue of The Star

Lee Joon Gi

Source:  enews24

Photos: The Star

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