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Lee Jun-ki and Moon Chae-won’s ill-fated relationship in Flower of Evil’s new teaser

A new video has been released for tvN’s upcoming mystery drama Flower of Evil, featuring lead actors Lee Jun-ki (Lawless Attorney) and Moon Chae-won (Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter).

The drama stars the two actors as a long-married couple who, together with their daughter, have been enjoying a happy life.

Everything changes though when Moon starts to question Lee’s past and who he really is. The main question on her mind: was his love for her and their family was an act all this time?

The newly released teaser starts with a bleached blonde Lee Jun-ki standing outside a small shop at night as it snows. When he walks away, Moon Chae-won appears from behind around a corner and she watches him with a troubled expression. In voice-over, we hear Lee Jun-ki speaking to a woman. He begins, “I keep thinking about it. How you looked that time.” The woman asks, “That person, do you love her?” And he responds, “No, I don’t understand feelings like that.”

As they speak, we see a darker-haired Lee Jun-ki snuggling with Moon Chae-won on a couch. It cuts to a series of shots showing Lee in a fight, looking at his scars in a mirror, and standing in the rain with an intercut of Moon crying in a stairwell. Ripped up photos are thrown in a fire, and we hear Moon Chae-won angrily demand, “Who exactly are you? What is this!?” Cut to a text screen, which reads: “A flower that blooms in-between suspicion and trust.”

In another sequence of shots, we see Moon Chae-won walking along a bridge, Lee Jun-ki tied up and submerged in a pool of water, a close-up of Moon distressed, and a final shot of Lee upset. The teaser comes to a close with Lee Jun-ki’s voice-over, “You should never have met me.”

Written by Yoo Jung-hee (Naked Fireman) and directed by PD Kim Chul-gyu (Mother), tvN’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama Flower of Evil is currently set to premiere on July 29.

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