Lee Jung Hyun Talks About Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Jung, And Oh Yoon Ah Tagging Along On Her Honeymoon


On the July 13 episode of “Master in the House,” Lee Jung Hyun spoke about her friends tagging along on her honeymoon!

During the latest broadcast of the SBS variety program, Lee Jung Hyun appeared as the show’s newest master. The singer and actress got married in April 2019 to an orthopedist three years her junior, and she later revealed that actress Son Ye Jin had accompanied her on her honeymoon.

While the “Master in the House” cast was helping Lee Jung Hyun cook on the show, Lee Seung Gi brought up her honeymoon and asked, “Did Son Ye Jin go with you on your honeymoon?” Lee Jung Hyun explained, “I went to a place nearby first because I had a movie shoot there. Lee Min Jung, Oh Yoon Ah, and Son Ye Jin came while we were there, and we just had fun all night long.”

ASTRO‘s Cha Eun Woo turned to Lee Seung Gi and began to comment, “Wouldn’t visiting someone during their honeymoon kind of ruin the honeymoon?” while Lee Seung Gi jokingly interjected, “I heard that’s the worst?”

When asked if she had enjoyed it, Lee Jung Hyun responded, “It was so nice! They came and even bought me food, and my husband is a fan of all my friends. It must’ve been so fascinating for him.”

Kim Dong Hyun jumped in to say, “What if your husband brought three friends on your honeymoon?” After hesitating for a quick moment, Lee Jung Hyun hilariously answered, “I would hate it. Why would they follow us there?”

Since Lee Jung Hyun had enjoyed having her friends tag along, Shin Sung Rok jokingly told Lee Seung Gi, “When you get married, I’m going to follow you too.” Cha Eun Woo joined in, “I’ll also join you on your honeymoon. I’ll even buy you a meal.” Kim Dong Hyun hilariously added, “Me too. Let’s go with my wife and my kid. I’m sure your wife will be a fan of ours.”

Lee Seung Gi then asked, “Out of the five of us, which member do you think would least want us all to come on their honeymoon?” The cast members unanimously picked Yang Se Hyung, who immediately denied it, saying, “If my wife agreed to it, I think it’d be nice.”

When asked if his brother Yang Se Chan could come as well, Yang Se Hyung agreed, leading Lee Seung Gi to comment, “If Se Chan is going, just invite the whole ‘Running Man‘ cast, and let’s all go together.” Shin Sung Rok hilariously added, “It’s the SBS weekend variety program party!”

This week’s episode of “Master in the House” will be available on Viki soon. In the meantime, check out last week’s broadcast below!!

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