Lee Sang Yoon Makes Big Transformation Into Villain For New Action Comedy Film


Upcoming film “Okay Madam” (literal title) has unveiled new stills of Lee Sang Yoon!

“Okay Madam” is a comedy action film about a couple (played by Uhm Jung Hwa and Park Sung Woong) who wins a trip to Hawaii. However, their plane gets overtaken by terrorists who use the passengers as hostages. Lee Sang Yoon plays Ri Cheol Seung, a terrorist who hijacks the plane to catch one target.

In the newly unveiled stills, Lee Sang Yoon successfully transforms into the villain Ri Cheol Seung. He gives off a dark aura, and there’s a merciless look in his eyes. Not only did Lee Sang Yoon successfully transform for this entirely new role, but he also mastered high-level action and spoke in a dialect for the first time.

Lee Sang Yoon commented, “I tried to sincerely portray both the comedy and action in the movie. The key point of the movie is that it has a variety of charming qualities and doesn’t just focus on one genre.”

Director Lee Cheol Ha, who already worked with Lee Sang Yoon once for the movie “Insane,” shared, “Knowing his diligence, I asked him to play the role of Ri Cheol Seung without thinking twice. As expected, he paid close consideration to all aspects, from character analysis to dialect practice.”

“Okay Madam” is slates to premiere in August.

In the meantime, watch Lee Sang Yoon in his latest drama “VIP”:

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