Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 – Episode 52 (Recap)


kakashi: Look at her. Just look at her!
JoAnne: That is one lovely, pissed off lady.

Episode 52

On their way through the Heavens. Si Ming asks a somber faced GoW for his help with Shisan who sent him a marriage proposal and is now squatting at Siming Hall. They pass Yuan Tong who is led from the Heavens, Jiu Chen doesn’t even look at her. She leaves, not even saying a proper goodbye to her (ex) fiancé who comes to see her off. He’s probably the saddest and most useless character in this show.
Why do I think this is not the last we’ll see of her, speaking of sad and useless lives?

In the Spirit Realm, Ling Xi is glued to her mother’s bed, but there is no change in her condition. Nice to see that Ling Xi keeps Jing Xiu at arm’s length too, though she is very grateful for what he has done for her (As A’Mo). Little does she know about his involvement in her mom’s predicament. He is sincere when he is with her though, gotta say that! Of course, the adopted daughter goes ballistic with jealousy. *yawn*
Can we push her off a cliff, already?

Qing Yao likes to chill at Realization Cliff in White Fox form. That’s kinda cute. Jiu Chen assures her that “just two” lightning strikes a day are nothing for Yun Feng, he’s used to being beaten by their teacher. But he thinks that she is wasting her time in the Heavens – she should put her medical skills to better use and do penance by helping people in the mortal world. He has a point and hence she readily agrees.

I’m chuckling a little because not only is he dressed in morose colors, he’s also hugely depro, talking about things one cannot change. And he misses his friend… awwwww, GoW is lonely. Qing Yao has some wisdom for him though. It is normal to be confused after a mortal trial, the feelings one experiences are real. If GoW wants to be with her, he needs to put in more effort. Aha!

Bitchy Princess won’t let Ling Xi see her mother. I mean… the gall? Time for some cuddles with Wu Wan and receiving gifts from Jing Xiu (a medical book). She realizes that only living in the mortal world gave her an interest for medicine. Around the same time, the Demon Godson escapes his bird cage by pretending he’s hurt. Oh good, that probably means Bratty Princess’ attention will soon be diverted.
You know why all these people spend so much time worrying about what other people are doing?  Because no one DOES anything.  They need jobs, families, children to raise.  They need to be BUSY.

Later, Ling Xi realizes that something might be fishy about the witch doctor who is attending her mother. She fetches Qing Yao from the mortal world. Quickly, the genius doctor establishes that Ling Yue is given a medicine that is slowly killing her by keeping her in her coma. Before they can question the witch doctor, she commits suicide though… or was she silenced?
I will go for silenced.

Ling Xi denies that it could be Jing Xiu, a suggestion coming from Qing Yao – he protected her with his life after all. She is also quite confused about how to deal with him. Part of her is Lin Mo, whom he loves and cared for, but the rest of her is Ling Xi – who doesn’t like him, but feels she owes him. Qing Yao is so full of wisdom these days… she tells Ling Xi that it’s very easy, just be with Jiu Chen, everybody knows how much he loves her, and everything will be A-OK. Yeah… what’s the problem?
I’m not sure I would take advice from the woman who only realized she loved a guy once he was turned into a statue.

It’s noble idiocy, the bane of Asian drama. Too much bad things have happened to him because of her (she thinks). And then, it’s also something much better: she does not want to be his inferior. She wants to be as good, as worthy. She wants to be in charge of her own life, without having to rely on him or others. *slow clap*
Besides, she wants to get back at him for always treating her like a child and making decisions without consulting with her. Haha, there’s the grudge! 

Up in the Heavens, GoW sneezes heartily. Two beautiful women talking about you will do that to you, yes. His cronies are a little concerned his Cold Disease might have come back. Chit chat about Si Ming and Shisan. Also, there is an investigation because of that incident with the Needle a way back and Hua Yan is behaving mighty suspicious and preoccupied.

We end the episode with a very restless GoW trying to pretend it’s all fine… when he misses her like crazy.


Ling Xi must be one of the characters in an Asian drama with the most character growth ever. It comes at the tail end of so much pain and suffering but that just makes it more real. Kudos.
I was just thinking that her mixed up feelings are so realistic, LOL!

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