Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 – Episode 56 (Recap)


kakashi: I just realize we are only a few episodes away from the end … and haven’t had THE SHECKS! I think we need it. No more virginal shyness, please! Ah, but first… Queen Time.
JoAnne:  She’s so pretty, even with radioactive sperm shooting out of her head.

Episode 56

Will Jing Xiu turn full out villain or not and take the throne? We’re all on the edge of our seats. You want to hear it? Yes? He isn’t turning full out villain but makes sure Ling Xi is recognized as the true successor of her mother, Phoenix Line and all. Here’s a shot of the back of his head. He deserves it.
So he did the right thing, after all. I hope he finds peace.

Ling Xi feels a need to see GoW in the Heavens, where she hears about Yuli’s constant advances. As if he’d switch boat this easily, tsssssk… but he’s not very pleased by the turn of events. Her as the ruler of the Shanling Tribe will not lead to her in his house/bed – in that position, she cannot marry anyone from another Tribe. Awwwwww, Jiu Chen… so close, but snatched away again?
Ahhhhhhhhh hahahahahaha, Jing Xiu – so THAT was your plan?

He is so riled up he wants to go to the Heavenly Emperor to… not quite sure, change the law? Ling Xi holds him back, tells him she has never stopped loving him and assures him it’s only going to be temporary. Until she’s found her mother’s murderer and can name a trustworthy person her successor. Haha, he is VERY impatient and threatens to lead his army to Shanling to change the law. I think he’s only half-joking.
Men don’t care about laws when it comes to their ‘brains.’

Cue Jing Xiu in his best thinking-pose:
He’s out of toilet paper, like the rest of us.

The half-baked villain is troubled by memories of A’Mo’s kindness in the mortal realm. Bao Qing arrives to throw the umpteenth fit. She confesses her love for Jing Xiu – yeah, awkward. He gently sister-zones her and tells her never to harm Ling Xi. Full of anger and spite, little princess storms out to reveal the truth about Jing Xiu’s hand in their mother’s death. Because… er… it must make sense to her otherwise she wouldn’t do it, but… Oh, he simply locks her up. Good. I hope they forget about her in the
drama, she has been nothing but a nuisance even though I must confess to
a fascination with her throat area. The tendons! The collarbones!
I have TikTok on the brain because the captain for this picture in MY head is: ‘You can really dance!’ ‘No, YOU can really dance!’

“Huh?! Who are you again?!”

Coronation time!!! All hail the Queen / State Master. Queen sounds so much better though… Here’s the throne… with two men. I could imagine sitting on such a throne, but I think I would want slightly better coiffed men.
The guy on the left kind of looks like John Belushi.

Hell YES. I’d wear that coat any time, even to work. Where’s GoW though? Hasn’t come to witness her triumph? Hissy fit? Sex-deprived stupor? He does send presents though.
Yep, great coat. I believe I made my feelings about the headpiece known earlier…

Bao Qing uses an old trick to break out of her prison (no half things – she kills her guards) and heads straight to Ling Xi, armed with a wicked knife. New gown and hairdo alert! Oh yes. Little Princess claims she has some truth about their mother’s death and has Ling Xi send away everyone else.
So what’s the knife for? Gonna kill her sister? Right out in the open like that?

Of course, the stupid cow attacks Ling Xi – who is perfectly capable of defending herself, but Jing Xiu manifests between the two and pierces Bao Qing’s throat with one of his plant-tentacles. Is it the end of her? We’re not sure, but apparently, now is the perfect opportunity to blame Ling Yue’s death on Bao Qing. As if, hahaaaa, Ling Xi isn’t stupid. But beautiful! New gown alert!
Yeah, now that radioactive sperm is just dripping off her head…no.

Qing Yao comes in to report Bao Qing’s death. There is one person in the room who knows the truth though… ex Celestial Maid Hua Yan! She overheard Bao Qing and Jing Xiu talking about some dark secret. Well, Hua Yan has a major soft spot for Jing Xiu – I don’t remember the backstory. Did he save her from something? Mortal life? Whatevs. Oh goooood, she’s stupid to go to him and ask about it. He readily admits to being the murderer. She starts crying cause isn’t he a good guy?
No clue. I stopped caring about anyone but A’Mo a really long time ago.

She is dismissed – and then killed by the ugly small guy. Status: missing. Oh well. Bai Qing’s maid also disappears. But when the ugly small guy wants to kill her too, one of GoW’s Generals intervenes and in turn kills the ugly small guy. Ah, I remember his name: Heichi.
Too short! Too ugly!  OUT. (Disclaimer: I do not feel this way in real life but come on, you saw him. Appearances are absolutely code for what will happen to you in a drama.)

Ling Xi is anxious in the palace – time for GoW to make an appearance. Good to see you man, you’ve been a little too absent this episode! Now it gets exciting. Ling Xi summons Jing Xiu. Then, the maid who should have been killed is called in. She witnessed it all: Bao Qing’s death, the attempt to frame her for killing her own mother etc. Jing Xiu tries to lie about his involvement, but it’s quite fruitless… because GoW has a lie detector spell up his sleeve! He claims… Dun dun dun… The End of the Episode.
But his dad. His youth. Clemency?


So many beautiful gowns, worn only for a few seconds! Haha, it seems like such a waste.   
I always think about the money invested in good costuming and sets and wonder how much of it can be repurposed.
I had the exact same thought and almost wrote it down.

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