Major Realizations Along With Transformation Awaits in Episode 7 of It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Ending with Ratings of 5.054% and 5.555%


Your answer contradicts your own argument. “KSH is popular so he will be searched”. Well… duh. The point was OP saying “people” are dropping the drama but unless there’s actual proof of this excluding you claiming to do so yourself, you’re basically loud empty can – to borrow Kang Tae’s phrase LOL. Now some basic math:

Silently dropping = people stopped watching
IOTNBO Avg Ratings = 5.3% (7 episodes)
IOTNBO Premier week Ratings = 5.4%
Drama interest level = 18 (1st week), 31 (2nd week), 33 (3rd week)

We can go back and forth obv, but nahhh, I’ll pass. The point is “silently dropping” is an assumption with zero base. In most cases it’s wishful thinking. Actual data says otherwise.

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