Meet Free.zia, The IZ*ONE Wonyoung Lookalike YouTuber That Has Been Asked Out By Celebrities Via DM


For those unfamiliar with Song Zia, the 23-year-old beauty runs a YouTube channel called free.지아 (free.zia) that has garnered over 362,000 subscribers in a short span of 8 months. Her popularity has crossed borders into China as well, as her Weibo account has almost a million followers!

Recently, she was invited onto Video Star, panelled by veteran K-pop artists including Sandara ParkJea of Brown Eyed Girls and Jo Kwon, as well as comedian Park Na Rae.

On the show, she showed off her degree from Hanyang University’s Korean Contemporary Dance Department as she dances a self-choreographed routine to BTS‘s “Boy with Luv”.

The MCs further commented that she looks a lot like BLACKPINK‘s Jennie, a comment she admits to getting from fans as well. She has also previously taken a photo with another of her lookalikes, IZ*ONE‘s Wonyoung.

As she introduced herself with her catchphrase, “Busan’s Hot Girl”, the MCs asked if she had been asked out by celebrities before on social media. She hesitated for a second before replying in the affirmative.

As the MCs fished for more details, she revealed that it was between 3-4 people, including an actor, a singer and a sports athlete. She later additionally divulged that she had indeed gone on dates with some of them, although things ended amicably later on.

When pressed as to how these celebrities slide into her DMs, she shared that some would send a simple “hello”, while others would persistently spam her until she replied. Her appearance on the show caused her name to hit first place in Naver search rankings as well. Catch the full clip here.

If you’re not yet convinced by her charms, check out her YouTube channel below! She recently uploaded her behind-the-scenes vlog of the appearance on Video Star as well.

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