Meet The 03-Liner Trainee Who Would Have Been SM Entertainment’s New Girl Group’s Visual


Lami, whose real name is Kim Sungkyung, was born on March 3rd, 2003.

She entered SM Entertainment as a trainee in December 2013 and was a member of the pre-debut trainee team SMROOKIES.


However, her name was deleted from Korean web portals in February 2020. Though no official statements were made, it’s presumed she left SM Entertainment.

This shocked netizens who were waiting for the debut of SM Entertainment’s newest girl group SR20G and were certain Lami would be the face of the group.

Her beautiful visuals at such a young age were a topic among netizens where she was compared to various K-Pop idols.

She’s so pretty… She has the SM vibeㅋㅋ

She looks like Nayeon + Ireneㅋㅋㅋㅋ She’s so pretty……

Wow, she looks like BLACKPINK Jisoo

— TheQoo netizens’ comments

Though she may not be at SM Entertainment anymore, there is still a chance she can debut elsewhere because of her young age. However, it’s unknown whether she will continue to pursue becoming an idol.

Did she not go to another company? She’s still young, so she will debut at another company

She’s so pretty, but if she decides to live like a normal person, it seems like a good choice.

— TheQoo netizens’ comments

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