Mentos Discovered SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Carried Their Candy On Stage — Now They’re Carats For Life


SEVENTEEN have officially stolen Mentos‘ heart and now the candy company is fully embracing the Carat way of life!

Image: @pledis_17/Twitter

A few days ago, SEVENTEEN blew everyone away with their flawless comeback stage on Inkigayo. And afterward, they decided to bless Carats by going live to celebrate the first-week achievements and have some fun with fans.

Thanks to this live, SEVENTEEN began sliding straight into Mentos’ heart! During the broadcast, SEVENTEEN revealed Jeonghan’s cute overall stage outfit held a secret — candy! As someone who’s always prepared with snacks, Jeonghan had filled his pockets with candy including Mentos which had quickly been devoured as SEVENTEEN revealed during the live.

With a Carat tweeting about the pure cuteness of Jeonghan carrying candy in his pockets, Mentos U.S. soon learned about it too and, in response, couldn’t help tweeting out their awe.

Soon after Mentos had taken their first steps into the fandom, they were diving headlong into the Carat life. Discovering one more post from a fan, Mentos sent SEVENTEEN lots of love saying they would fill Jeonghan and his members’ pockets with candy if they wanted!

With Mentos declaring their stan status, there’s no doubt that SEVENTEEN have thoroughly captured their heart!

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