“MinNaHyun” Is The Best Visual Combination Ever – 10 Times They Slayed MC Concepts On “Inkigayo”


When Inkigayo first chose these three as their new MCs for the weekly chart show, the staff apparently went around saying that the team was their pride as the visual combination was the best ever. They weren’t wrong – each of the three, MONSTA X‘s Minhyuk, April‘s Naeun and NCT‘s Jaehyun are known as the respective visuals in their group. Along with their smooth MC skills, their perfect proportions and faces really draw viewers in. Here are 10 moments in which they slayed the concepts given to them, with photos they personally uploaded to their Instagrams!

1. Spring Fairies

In April, when spring was approaching, the three took to recreating the lovely atmosphere with spring looks, including a flower print dress for Naeun and soft pastel-toned cardigans for the boys.

2. On Jaehyun’s birthday

In February, as the week coincided with Jaehyun’s birthday, the trio helped him celebrate the special day. As the week also was that of Children’s Day in Korea, the concept was kidult! They looked adorable in overalls!

3. Neutral knits

A warm beige tone helped bring peace to the viewers who tuned in on that Sunday! Jaehyun’s look especially made waves amongst NCTzens who loved the soft look on him, complete with a beret.

4. Uniformed youths

Doesn’t it bring you back to your high school days? We’re pretty sure we didn’t have such handsome and beautiful schoolmates though… It’s also great to see Naeun in a uniform after her Extraordinary You days!

5. Safari rangers

The trio looked absolutely adorable in a summer concept of safari rangers! Wonder what they’re looking for!

6. Country chic

The straw hat and braids looks so sweet on Naeun and we’re practically in love with her beauty. The boys also looked great in country-themed outfits!

7. Denim and hippie

We’re not exactly sure of the concept here but it looks to be leaning towards the hippies era, with flower power on Naeun and the boys rocking denim on denim!

8. Renaissance

One of our personal favorites, Jaehyun was dressed in a simple flowy white shirt, while Minhyuk jazzed his up with a collar brooch. Naeun looked ethereal in the vintage European getup as well. Romeos and Juliet, anyone?

9. “Naega neol ikkeuneun BOSS

The three all looked incredibly “BOSS” with their dark suits and sleek hair! We love the pleather boots on Naeun as well!

10. NCT style

When NCT made their comeback with “Punch”, the Inkigayo team not only decorated the backstage area, but also dressed the MC trio accordingly, with accents of NCT’s color, pearl neo champagne!

It’s amazing to see the three get along so well off stage as well. According to the MCs themselves, they play around behind the scenes and take many photos together each week! Their chemistry certainly has us looking forward to Inkigayo Sundays.

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