Minzy And Jamie Reveal How Much Hate They Received For Their Physical Appearance


Gong Minzy and Jamie (Park Jimin) appeared on Video Star where they opened up about the hate and sexual harassment they faced due to their physical appearance.

Minzy began by explaining that 2NE1 wore a lot of makeup and unique outfits for their distinct concepts. But she received hate based solely on her looks.

We had a lot of makeup and a unique concept.

One of the most hurtful things I’ve heard was, ‘How can you be a singer when you’re so ugly?’ When I read these, I used to think, ‘Isn’t it more important for you to sing and dance well to be a singer?’

— Minzy

She was just a teenager at the time, so the amount of hurt she faced was unimaginable. She even began to wonder if she was truly ugly.

But I was young at the time, so it left a very big scar. I wondered, ‘Am I that ugly? Am I below the average standard?’

— Minzy

After hearing this, Jamie couldn’t help but blurt out “Take care of your own face” at the audacity of the haters.

She also revealed how much hate she got based on her looks. She was shocked that someone would even be able to say such things as a fellow human being.

It was very serious. I wasn’t angry but I was shocked that someone who lived on the same Earth as me with the same kind of brain would say this.

— Jamie

Not only did Jamie get hate on her looks, she was sexually harassed by alleged fans who’d photoshop her face onto a sexual photo and compare her body to a fruit. One alleged fan even sent her a video of himself wearing a latex bodysuit.

When Jamie would block him, he’d used multiple IDs to send her more vulgar videos.

But Jamie wasn’t fazed. She responded with harsh words to make sure that the perpetrator will learn to stop sexually harassing her juniors and others.

These malicious haters need to get their head on straight and understand that just because they’re miserable doesn’t mean that they should extend that to queens who are living their best lives!

In conclusion, Minzy and Jamie are stunning goddesses!

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