Minzy Describes Her Close Bond With Sandara Park, Following Their Touching TV Reunion On “Video Star”


Minzy talked about appearing on her first talk show in eight years!

On July 7, Minzy guested on the MBC Every1 show “Video Star,” which is co-hosted by her fellow former 2NE1 member Sandara Park. On the program, she talked about auditioning at YG and SM, malicious comments, being labeled a “traitor” after leaving 2NE1, and more. She also brought Sandara Park to tears with a moving message of gratitude for all Sandara Park did for the group.

After the show, Minzy spoke to Xportsnews about the experience. She said, “I was a bit nervous because it was my first time going on a talk show in eight years, but the four MCs took good care of me as though I was their real younger sister and made me feel comfortable, so I was able to happily chat and I had a good time.”

She also spoke about expressing her thanks to Sandara Park. Minzy said, “Her being together with me reassured me and I relied on her a lot. I was very worried because it was my first variety show appearance in a long time, but I was grateful because she supported me a lot throughout the filming.”

Minzy continued, “Before the broadcast, she kept cheering me on by saying, ‘I’m really excited for it. Our maknae [youngest member] is so good at everything. I’m not worried even in the slightest.’ She gave me courage and was a great source of strength for me.”

“It was so great that there was an opportunity for us to be together again while we’re each working hard at our own work,” she said. “Since we can now understand how each other feels and relate to each other without even saying a word, she’s someone who’s very reassuring and supportive for me.”

After making her recent solo comeback with the single “Lovely,” Minzy has talked optimistically several times during her promotions about the possibility of a 2NE1 reunion.

Minzy said, “I think fans also really miss 2NE1 and they’re looking back again on the past precious memories of us together on stage. I hope that there will someday be an opportunity for us to all get together again.”

Finally, Minzy shared that she’s preparing to return with new music soon. She went on to say, “I also want to take on a lot of different challenges if I get another good opportunity like ‘Video Star’ again. I think there will be a chance for me to perform online for overseas fans. Please look forward to it.”

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