Minzy Opens Up About Her Friendship With 2NE1 And Stars She Looks Up To


To cap off the month, Minzy is making sure everyone knows she’s shining bright through her latest magazine feature.

Hot on the heels of her much anticipated comeback, Minzy continues to take center stage with a magazine feature. The 2NE1 alumni recently made rounds with her photoshoot and interview with BNT.

In the accompanying interview, Minzy shared her inspirations behind her recent release “Lonely”. The singer shared that she wanted to express the emotions she felt while facing frustrating situations in her life. “I want my song to convey a message of comfort to people going through a hard time.”

She also expressed her excitement over her journey of self-discovery through her music. “The music I played with 2NE1 was mostly strong,” she shared. “I’m glad that I get to discover a lot of different aspects of myself, which feels like a different concept.”

On the topic of 2NE1, Minzy shared how their friendship has stayed strong throughout the years and how welcomed her old group makes her feel. “2NE1 feels like my home,” the singer shared. “My sisters give me a lot of support, and we still meet up and talk often.”

“Whenever we meet up, we always joke ‘Let’s get back together before we get osteoporosis!’,” Minzy added. “The possibility of a reunion is always there. If we meet up more often and have more serious discussions, the chances are greater.”

Minzy also shared her admiration for younger stars, such as BTS’ Jimin and Chungha. “Jimin is really good at dancing,” the singer enthused. “I think he has pretty dance lines and skills that are bound to attract people’s attention.”

“It’s hard to lead the stage as a soloist, but Chungha is really good at it,” Minzy explained. “She’s also a good dancer, and her stages are interesting.”

Source: MyDaily

Image Source: BNT 

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