N.Flying Charms In A Special Clip For Their Heartwarming Track “E-YO”


N.Flying are back to delight fans in the sweetest way in their latest video of their track, “E-YO”!

To celebrate the music video for “Oh really.” surpassing 10 million views, N.Flying released a special clip of their romantic number, “E-YO”. The track is from N.Flying’s comeback album So, 通 which featured “Oh really” as the title song. 

In the special clip, the five members are in an indoors setting. N.Flying serenades fans in the most endearing and engaging way. The fact that it is also written by the members as a loving message for their beloved fans, N.Fia makes it all the more significant.

Seunghyub, Hun, Jaehyun, Hweseung, Dongsung look absolutely dashing in the video. The group goes for the classic white t-shirt and blue jeans look. Their individual styles and the backdrop of the video add a dash of nostalgia to the overall dreamy ambiance. 

It would be quite the understatement to say that the video is just adorable. N.Flying mesmerizes with their beaming mannerisms in the most charismatic way. The video is definitely a treat for fans as it is enjoyable to see the group having fun and showcasing their happy sides. This special video is surely a personification of the term ‘cuteness overload.’ 

Moreover, the sincerity with which the members perform in the special clip is evident. Especially when they express their love for fans with heartwarming lyrics such as, “It’s a tough day, soaked in the rain/My heart aches just looking at you/Yet each day is perfect thanks to you/You are my true love/You make me smile/Standing in front of you/I feel like I’m gaining strength/I want to gently put you to sleep/When you fall asleep like a baby/I pray that N.Fia doesn’t get hurt.” 


With this track and its winsome video, N.Flying creates something magical which spark lies in its serene simplicity.   

Source: FNC

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