NCT 127’s Johnny Was Jealous Of Mark’s Big Butt, So He Made One Of His Own


As if NCT 127‘s Johnny and Mark weren’t hilarious all on their own, they’re even more entertaining when they’re together.

In the first episode of their baseball team series, Johnny made everyone burst into laughter when he showed off his new butt that was meant to rival Mark’s.

With Mark playing the role of their senior who was checking in on them, Johnny demanded his attention as soon as he walked in. Stepping toward the front, he announced, “Since I respect Mark sunbaenim, I copied him.”

Turning around, Johnny showed everyone his new butt that was bulging out of his backside. Mark and Doyoung laughed up a storm when they laid eyes on it. Taeil was just as amused as he moved closer for a better look.

All of them went wild over Johnny’s new butt. From the floor, Taeyong and Haechan couldn’t help but notice it. Haechan was laughing so hard he couldn’t sit still, kicking out his feet. He wasn’t the only one who found it so hilarious.

Doyoung literally fell on the floor from belly-laughing. What made it funnier was Mark standing upright and poking his butt out to pose like Johnny.

Since Taeil had missed the chance to compare their butts, he asked Mark to do the pose again, “Show it to us. Show it to us.” Johnny stopped him. Tapping into his sassy side, he shouted, “What else do you need!” Doyoung lost it, jumping in place and laughing.

It looks like NCTzens aren’t the only ones who are fond of Mark’s sizable butt. In fact, Johnny may have seen some of the memes.

Check out NCT 127 losing their minds over Johnny’s butt, or rather his backside stuffed with baseballs.

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