NCT’s Jaehyun Doesn’t Use Filters When Taking Photos And Fans Aren’t Surprised


NCT‘s Jaehyun is already known for his visuals, so it’s no surprise that his photos are mostly no filters.

In a recent video message from Jaehyun, he received the question, “What selfie app and filter do you use the most these days?” To this, he replied, “The selfie apps these days…I’ve tried using a bunch of apps but instead of having all these filters…I usually just like to use the original filter on the apps.”

For Jaehyun, angles and lighting don’t matter because any photo he takes is an instant masterpiece.

He even takes photos continuously and we bet that not one photo went to waste.

So, let’s take a look at some no filter/original filter Jaehyun photos for your viewing pleasure…and ours!

Do you agree that he looks great no matter how he takes the photos? We certainly think so!

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