Park Min Young Is Basically A Walking Pharmacy – Check Out What’s In Her Bag, Including A $170 Hairbrush


Actress Park Min Young has recently opened her own YouTube channel, “Just Parkminyoung” and one of the first few videos she shared with her fans was a “What’s In My Bag” special. The actress sat down during a short break on the set of a photoshoot to reveal the contents of her workbag.

Park Min Young carried a huge tote bag that day, the Tod‘s Pocket Medium leather shopper bag in cream leather.

The actress shared that she always carries around this particular hairbrush from Mason Pearson. When she first bought it, she thought the price was a little extravagant for the small item, but soon came to realize that it was able to brush through anything, and now she can’t live without it. A basic brush ranges from $170 USD on.

Park Min Young also carries around lots of pharmaceutical products, including a perfumed sanitizer spray from w.dressroom.

She must be really into health and safety, as she also has a gel type sanitizer from VANT 36.5 in her bag.

Ah yes, the iconic $50 USD Chanel hand cream that is also affectionately called, “the egg”.

She loves this perfume from Creed so much that she bought the refills, which explains the ornate gold case instead of the regular glass spray bottle.

Park Min Young explained that she was getting on in her years and that her body was weakening, so she carries around vitamins all the time. She takes these two types of orthomol daily for immunity.

She even carries around allergy ointment as she explains that on set, anything can happen.

She also prefers a medicated lip ointment in place of lip balm, as her lips tend to get chapped easily.

She loves this foundation cushion from Sooryeohan, as it is thin and dewy, allowing her to use it to correct her makeup on the go.

One of the beauty tips she shared was to put on a mask before any important schedules such as shoots or events, as it helps your makeup go on better. She also carries around cotton pads with a perforated side to aid in deep cleansing and exfoliation.

One of the items she can’t live without nowadays is of course, a face mask. She uses the K80 range.

Although Park Min Young had explained that she loves big bags as she is a bit of a pack rat, she was surprised to see that her bag did not contain as many items as she thought it did. The professional actress rounded off the vlog with behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot.

How’s that for some realistic content? Park Min Young has promised to share more daily vlogs through her channel to get closer to fans. In the meantime, check out the full video for her “What’s In My Bag” vlog here.

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