PENTAGON’s Shinwon And Kino Talk About Their Experience On “Road To Kingdom,” Jinho Enlisting In Military, And More


On the July 13 broadcast of NOW’s “Question Mark” on Naver App, hosted by VIXX’s Ravi, PENTAGON’s Kino and Shinwon appeared as guests and talked about their experience on Mnet’s “Road to Kingdom.”

Regarding their performances on the program, Kino said, “Personally, it was a lot of fun. We were able to push ourselves to our limits and put on types of performances that we don’t normally have the opportunity to do.”

Though PENTAGON wasn’t able to advance to “Kingdom,” they showed their prowess with live performances. Shinwon said, “Honestly, it was tough putting on live performances every time. But we’re singers, and live performances are more fun.” Kino added, “[Live performances] encapsulate our teamwork and keep us faithful to the message we want to get across. That’s why we perform live.”

On competing against groups like The Boyz, ONF, and Golden Child, Shinwon commented, “We didn’t think of it like a competition. We just did it. [All of them] were so much better than we had thought. Seeing them for the first time, we were shocked. Rather than just thinking, ‘We need to be serious about this,’ it was beyond that.” Kino added, “Starting from the third and fourth performances, the performances were like what you’d see at an awards ceremony. And they cost a lot of money, too.”

VIXX’s Ravi praised everyone on the show, saying, “The producers make the show, but the artists create the performances. Seeing all the teams bring the best out of each other and try their hardest, it was a great example of friendly competition.”

The PENTAGON members also talked about their oldest, Jinho, who enlisted in the military mid-program. Kino said, “Those who have been on a team will know, but when a member goes to the military, it’s a long time until the group can get together again. It was scary, thinking about how long we’d have to wait. But Jinho said we’d do well and to keep it up.”

On PENTAGON’s “Shine” hitting 200 million views with its music video, Kino said, “‘Shine’ is a song that gave PENTAGON a goal to move towards. It’s a song that made a lot of people get to know our group.” Shinwon said, “The song gave us the preconception that the title of your songs indicate how well you’re going to do. After [‘Shine’], we’ve put extra thought into our song titles.”

Closing, Kino commented on PENTAGON’s new album, saying, “It’s not too far away. Please don’t be concerned that it’s not arriving as fast as you thought it would. It’s just because we want it to be the best it can be.”

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