SEVENTEEN Jeonghan’s True Feelings About His Members Will Hit You Right In The Feels


Through SEVENTEEN‘s documentary SEVENTEEN: Hit The Road, the members showed sides of themselves they’d never shown before. Even though they got heartbreakingly honest about their anxiety and depression, they also made sure to focus on the positives that kept them going.

One of the things they hold dear is being together as a group. In his episode of the series, Jeonghan revealed just how precious all twelve of them are to him.

When Jeonghan thought about his group, he threw away any embarrassment to express his true feelings. “The members? I love them. Of course, they’re the closest, most precious. Like family, since we’re all living together.”

To him, they weren’t just a family because of their proximity to each other and their circumstances. He genuinely viewed them as individuals he could open up to and depend on. He used a popular saying to emphasize it, “Some say you’ve succeeded in life if you have two to three really good friends. But, I already have twelve of them.”

Jeonghan could already see how close they’d still be years down the line. Even when they’re no longer young, he pointed out they’ll be doing all the things they do now. “When we grow older, we’re going to stay in touch, hang out, go out to eat together.”

From having fun to discussing the tough topics, the members of SEVENTEEN are always there for Jeonghan. He appreciated how much they meant to him, “I already have twelve friends that I can connect with on a sincere level. It’s great.”

Many groups say they’re as close as family. When it comes to SEVENTEEN, they never fail to prove their unbreakable bond. They’re not just a group; they’re a family of close friends.

See Jeonghan take a moment to show appreciation for his members and voice how valuable they are to him.

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